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Scar treatment info needed - and a tip about bruises!

Sacramento, CA

Between yard work, home repair and animal rescue, I get scratched and bruised up all the time.

For anyone with bruises, here's the tip - use Arnica gel or pills. Arnica montana is a natural supplement for pain and bruising; can be found in natural food stores and some more enlightened drug stores or grocers. It has always taken me a long time to heal from bruises, and Arnica has made an amazing difference.

But...I need help with the scarring caused by cuts. I have them all over my arms, particularly from the inner elbow down to the wrist. I use Neosporin and lots of soap on the cuts, then bandages, then LOTS of sunscreen. But they just get darker, are hard to cover with makeup and last sometimes for years. Having all of these criss-crossed jagged scars make me look unprofessional - or like a character actor in horror films!

I've tried a couple of OTC scar remedies with no success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

I use Vit E on my wounds. fast healing

Sacramento, CA

I use vitamin E too, it helps the cuts heal and makes the scars smoother- but darker!

Burlingame, CA(Zone 9a)

I've used arnica for years on bumps and bruises. It's amazing how well it works. For cuts and scratches I use aloe vera. I'm not sure how it works on old scars but fresh ones (not open) heal very nicely.

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