Amaryllis newbie with questions

Houma, LA

I am adding a new flower to my list of addictions and it's amaryllis. I was given some seeds last fall from a friend and I germinated by floating back in Dec. and 14 out of 16 germinated. All are alive and well in their own 4' pots. I know they are going to take years to bloom but with all I have blooming every year I won't obsess about that. What I am hoping you all could help me with is WHEN to put these in the ground. I live in Houma, LA in zone 9a. Any help would be much appreciated.



You don't need to rush it. Do you put the pots outside in spring and summer? Do you still have the (rare) freezing night in winter?

Mobile, AL


You are in a slightly warmer area than I am, so it is possible that you could put them in the ground now.

But I suspect that you get ocassional frosts, and if you do, it would be best to cover them the first couple of years. That way, they will grow without dormancy for the first two years (especially the first year), but I must say that I have had some one year old seedlings to overwinter outside in small pots (went dormant) and do quite well.

Bottom line is that you will probably not lose them (unless it gets colder and wetter than usual), and it is a toss up as to whether they will bloom sooner or not. There are simply too many variables to answer that question.

Good luck and have FUN!


Houma, LA

Thanks for the information. I think I will put a few in the ground now and keep some in their pots and see how it goes. That way I wont lose them all if we have a severe freeze.


I was going to suggest a windowbox that can be brought inside when necessary.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)


I have ordered 15 bulbs from the co-op that just closed. I got these for Christmas presents. I don't know anything about them. I believe they are probably going to be small, 23 cm, does that mean anything? That is what they said.

So, I plan on 3 per pot. How big a pot do I need to get? Plastic, clay, or ceramic? What kind of soil? fertilizer? and anything else you think I need to know.

I have written to Terry, or anyone else in admin, suggesting that they have someone write this type of information at the beginning of each thread/forum for specific plants. I don't know if they will attempt this, but even if they do it will be too late for me and these Amaryllis bulbs.

Thank you if you decide to help me.


Sure. No problem.

I would give each one at least 1-1/2 inch of space on the sides/circumference. Then give them plenty of room for the roots. At least 3-4 inches below the root plate.

When are they going to be delivered? If you want them for Xmas gifts, and want them to bloom at that time, it's a bit early to pot them up. I would wait until early December.

What you are suggesting is a sticky. A post that would be at the top of the forum with FAQs. That's a good idea, especially since these are often gift plants to people who don't know how to handle them. Maybe one of us will write something up.

I don't think that clay versus ceramic matters much. Just make sure that you use a medium with good drainage. Pick up some MG potting mix. I use ceramic on the very large bulbs so that I can break the pot with a hammer later if I need to pot the bulb up. Over years the roots stick to the sides of the pot.

The standard blooming flower fertilizers at your local garden shop will be fine. Fertilize only when you have greenery. Don't fertilize the dormant bulb. I use a weak solution of bloombuster every time I water. If you are going to give these away at Xmas, you don't really need to worry about fertilizer. The new recipients will need to do that after they bloom.

If you're going to have a lot of these in your house, you want to plan to do something about fungus gnats. Pick up some mosquito dunks now that that the pool supplies are on clearance. Place a tiny bit in your watering can. That's if you plan to water them. Another approach would be to just keep them dormant, and then give them as gifts with an instruction sheet. That's probably easiest for you.

I guess the one thing I would add is that dormancy is not (in future years) necessary. If you want to keep it as a houseplant, they will be fine all year inside. Just put them out in the summer sun. Remember to water and feed.

Feel free to come back with other questions.

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Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Thank you so much Andidandi!! That is what I wanted. I sent it to Melody in Admin. Hopefully she will think it is a good idea too. I also copied it and will either use it to do whatever I decide to do with the plants for Christmas or include it with a package for the recipient to use.

I still might have questions when I get ready to do whatever. The bulbs should be here in the next week or so.


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Ok andidandi, I got Meldody to start a FAQ sticky on the Amaryllis forum so she is waiting for information to put in it. Would you write something up for it please? Thanks, it would help an awful lot of people. Really appreciate it.


Sure. I will compile some notes. Although there are certainly better qualified members than me here on the forum, and I hope that they will chime-in. I am a hobbyist. Many here are pros.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Well, so far you are the only one that has offered. Thanks,


Tucson, AZ

My bulbs also just arrived, Andidandi, that info is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Good stuff, jnette :-)

I will update the thread this weekend. Sorry for the delay. Hang on to your bulbs. I will get back to you tomorrow. I adopted two puppies and a kitten, quite by accident (they found me) and my life has been insane. Usually I keep up with the forums.

Tucson, AZ

congrats andi, a whole new family. I haven't had a puppy in many years but as I remember one is a handful let alone 2 AND a kitten. It's no accident they found you LOL

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

LOL, Wineaux you don't think that was an accident? Me neither. Those little guys and whoever drops them off knows exactly where to go don't they?

We live very rural and people are always dropping animals off. I feels so sorry for them. The animals. And, we are a fairly depressed county with under 12,000 people so we don't have a humane society type housing for them, or any place to keep them. So sad.

I am glad they found you andi. And we can wait.


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