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directions for making wind spinners from coke/soda/beer cans

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

does anyone have the directions for making wind spinners from coke/soda/beer cans
I have googled my little brain out ...cant find any thing

Middle, TN(Zone 6b)

I will be watching this thread to see if anyone replies.

Hereford, TX(Zone 7a)

Me too!!

Sedalia, MO

Is this what you want

Here's another neat one I found,,DIY_14215_2269296,00.html

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Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

NOPE!! Im looking for one made from Cans not bottles ..Thanks anyway ..

Sedalia, MO

I wonder if you couldn't do the same with the cans as the bottles? I think they are cut the same only smach the cans down after cutting.

Topsham, ME(Zone 5a)

something like this? I'll keep looking.

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

thats getting closer I wish I could find a picture

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

ok I found a pic ..and now I can pretty much see how they are done ...I ones I saw were 4 or 5 cans hanging together they looked really cool blowing in the wind kind of like a wind sox

Thumbnail by denimangle
Topsham, ME(Zone 5a)

I saw those too but not directions. It looks like you just make slits and bend them. Then you probably can hook a few together with fishing swivels or something. Wear some gloves ! :-D

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

No directions with them ...its the twist that im not so sure about .
guess i can just cut one and try it .. its not like its going to cost me anything :)
Oh yeah ill wear gloves ..I tried to cut my finger off the other day with a roto cutter dont want to do that again .. The ER bill just came today :(

Topsham, ME(Zone 5a)

JEEEZZZ!! Was the doctor easy on the eyes at least?! I mean, you might as well get your money's worth :-D Those rotothings are nasty. Post a pic of the finished project please... no more trips to the ER ;-)

Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

The Dr was an old women eye candy :(
I have been using a roto cutter for over 25 years ..First time I cut my self . but it was my own fault ..

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Mesilla Park, NM

I found a photo also, but no instructions. It is someone's named Chondras blog, and her dad made it for her, I wonder if maybe she would get directions from him.
The photo is down the page some.

it looks like they cut slits down the can and then a hole in the center of both ends.. it is probably held smooched together with some type of bead at each end before the next can put onto the chain.

I also cut my finger over a month ago with a rotary cutter... imagine this... I thought the blade was too dull, so I was going to put a new one..

The old one is the one that I got cut with... my fault also, I was in a hurry and did not put the safety on. It only too off the side of the skin off my finger, thank god it wasn't worse. It is awful the not be able to use your hand/fingers in our areas of interest..

Sedalia, MO

This is the directions a lady had on another forum. Hope this helps

She said:
You need 2 pop cans. remove the top of the pop cans down to the shoulder of the can, (so you are left with 2 aluminum drinking cups, is what they look like)You can do this easily with a sharp pair of scissors as the aluminum is easy to cut.
Next you have to cut the spokes down the sides of the cans-I made a template that was a piece of paper that fit around the can, divided into 8 equal sections, a bit over an inch each, I mark the spokes at the top and bottom of the can, then cut them on a diagonal, mark onegets cut over to mark 2 and so on.IMPORTANT! each can has to be cut in opposite directions, one slants left to right and the next right to left, or they wont fit together and you will go crazy figuring it out.
Now poke a hole thru the bottom of each can in the center. To attach them together its easiest to string them on a piece of wire facing each other, held up by coffee cans or what ever.
Just fold the 2 spokes together forming a point and then do the next one till you are done. Then the gal who did them first hung them vertically, several stacked together on a wire. the use of a wooden bead between them acts as a bearing so they spin freely. I placed mine on a wire horizontally like a flower and attached to a stake.
Its actually easy, its just hard to describe and the person who did them first did a much better job, I hope this helps
All above directions are from another person. I did not keep the name in my notes tho. (but her pics are great)

Thumbnail by allysgram
Mesilla Park, NM

Thank you.. what did you cut the cans with? knife? I may try one.

Sedalia, MO

I did not do this. I got the info from another person, I would say use sissors as the cans are easy to cut.

Olympia, WA

I saw all of that over on that other forum, and still don't get it....the photo looks as if the tops and bottoms of cans are intact - but the word directions tell you to take the top off. Oh well, I guess I can live without making these anyway - not being a soda/beer drinker means that I have no cans anyway!!!!

Mesilla Park, NM

I'll bet we can use plastic water bottles too.. I have lots of empties that I need to keep before we send them off to the recycle.

Sedalia, MO

From what I understand they join the two cans together, as they tell you to cut the cans at different angles. Hence the top and bottom would be the bottoms of both cans. It takes two cans to make one, does this sound right?

mulege, Mexico

That's the way I understand it.


Oakwood (Butler,TX), TX(Zone 8b)

thanks that what im looking for now if I can follow the directions.
im a little cornfused:) on the cuts ..wish I could see pictures of it being put together ..
thanks again

Topsham, ME(Zone 5a)

We have a deposit of a nickel a can so will be saving mine to put fumes in the tank! Well, Cheryl, sorry to hear that *George Clooney* wasn't on duty to sew you up!! That's my kind of luck, too... :-D

nanaimo, Canada

Hi guys, I just posted a video on how to make these. Well at least I think it's how they are made. I didn't have instructions, I just kind of dove right in and they work for me.

Check it out.

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Thumbnail by shnoodle85
Olympia, WA

Tried to leave you a note over on Facebook, but the system is wonko. Loved the video. Thanks for posting!

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Thank you very much for posting the video. It was very helpful. I think they would be cool with a small tea candle placed inside.

Thanks again.


Hudson, NC

go to youtube and type in beer can windspinners they have alot of videos

Marietta, GA

shnoodle85 -- would you please give me access to your youtube video? I tried to see it but it says it's "private". I also want to make these spinners so bad!

Englewood, FL

.Kchus, I tried it too ,the first time it said "log in", I logged into utube & nothing happened, the second time, the words "log in" were gone, the site may have been discontinued.

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