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Growing my own Acai Berries

Boynton Beach, FL

Does anyone know where I can get Acai trees (Euterpe oleracea. I have a greenhouse next to my home and I think I could grow them if I knew where to buy trees. Your help is much appreciated.

Charlotte, NC

I got some acai trees and they are growing very well. We built a solar greenhouse on the South side of our house and store a barrel of solar heated water in it for night heat. The acai palm is really growing well.

I got my Acai from Acai Farms. You can find them by doing a google search for Acai Farms. I will post there website here if that is allowed.

Charlotte, NC

I found it.

Boynton Beach, FL

Thanks again. I got your response elsewhere on the forum too.
You say your growing these in NC? How big is your greenhouse?

Sugar Camp, WI(Zone 3a)

yikes! $49+ is a lot of money! I'm hoping others will start offering the cuttings for less. I have a garden center and would love to offer them for houseplants. We do have a green growing area that would be suitable. I grow veggies all year in there...even when it's -34 outside! love and peace...lynnann

Thumbnail by lynnann50
Lawrenceburg, KY

It would be great to be able to grow my own. If Lynann can do it, I'm sure I can in Ky!
Lynann, would you mind telling me what type of greenhouse you have? I'd like to build my own. I guess I could grow pretty much anything in that, right? I'd like to grow many rare exotics like these if I could. Thank you! ~Karen

Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 5a)

I ordered plants from Acai farms, but I also ordered SEEDS from, I'm willing to trade. Please look at my trade list.

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