I had no idea there was a bee forum here!

Scottsdale, AZ(Zone 9b)

I sure do love this website. I posted a question in a different forum about bee removal. I have bees in the exterior wall of my house and I have not been able to get them removed so.... I started killing them. This is really not what I want to do. I love having them around for the obvious reasons. Ideally, I owuld like to relocate them somewhere near the house instead of inside it. Any thoughts?

I also have another question. How does one raise a bee colony? Is a permit required? Seems like a fun hobby that would be mutually beneficial for the garden and visa versa. I will delve further into the forum but I didn't see anything like this on the first page. Thanks guys!


Davis, CA(Zone 9b)

You could try smoking them out. You could try to raise your them as your own. I don't think a permit is required. I have some and don't have to permit for them. But you might want to check out your Cities ordinances online is a good place to look. It is amazing thing to beekeep and you'll love it!
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