CLOSED: Any idea? Yellowy orange bird.

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

These are the only 2 pics I managed to get of this bird. It was quite high in the treetops, quite actively moving about.

Thumbnail by DrDoolotz
Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

pic 2

Thumbnail by DrDoolotz
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Probably female Baltimore Oriole, but not the best of pics for confirmation!


Onalaska, WI

It almost looks to bright to be a female oriole. Like you said Resin, it's not the best photo for identification. Maybe, CMoxon, you might get another photo op. Hopefully a little clearer then the one's you included in your posting. Later all. :-)

Oxford, NS(Zone 5b)

I wondered about that. I have had 2 males in the vicinity, so it's not unlikely. I will try to get better photos next time. I think I need a better lens.

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