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Homely Homer?

Springdale, AR(Zone 6b)

Has anyone heard of a Homely Homer tomato? I found one today at a local nursery. It appears to be part of the Chef Jeff's collection. I was wondering if this is an actual variety or a cutesy marketable nickname for another established variety. The picture on the label looks like a large red fruit with lot's of ribbing or lobes.

The nursery had their veggies marked down, so I rescued 2 Box Car Willie's, a Marglobe, and the Homely Homer. Geez. I needed those like a hole in the head. That put's me up to 82 indeterminates in my small back yard. The neighbors will have me committed for sure.


Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi Bryan,

It is a Chef Jeff tomato. - Scroll way down to the Special Red group. Whether it's a marketing name or a real name, I can't be sure from a Google search. I'm guessing it's a marketing name. The photos of it look like an Ugly Ripe.

I also found a reference that it may be a Homer Fike tomato under a new name. But I don't think so, as all reference to Home Fike says it is a yellow oxheart and looks nothing like the Homely Homer or the Ugly Ripe:


Evansville, IN(Zone 6b)

Homely Homer indeed is a Chef Jeff (Bert Hybels Nursery) marketing gimmick. It's a nice tomato. Very boat-shaped, red, good tasting, regular leaf, not Ugly Ripe, not Costoluto Genovese or such. And not nearly as scalloped as portrayed in the fanciful artwork on the funky plant tag it comes with from the vendor.

Here is a photo of the real thing next to the plant tag as I grew it in 2006:¤t=MVC-013S-6.jpg


Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)


If it's a marketing gimmick, which I suspected, but it's not Ugly Ripe or Constoluto Genovese, do you know what it was before they named it Homely Homer?


Evansville, IN(Zone 6b)

I have no earthly idea. But I do have a gob of seeds just in case I ever want to grow it again.

Tuscaloosa, AL(Zone 7b)

Hi Bill,

It's an interesting mystery. If they market-named it, then it has to have been something else first, I would think. I did read, though, that is a delicious tomato. There are many raves for it on Google. Next time I see one, I'll pick it up.

Last year I had an absolutely wonderful tomato. Have no idea what it is, though. It came up in the yard as a volunteer, planted right into this hard, red clay, in semi-shade. I was sure it wasn't going to grow, and it did. Then I was sure that it was in too much shade for the tomatoes to ripe, but they did. It was the best tomato I've tasted in 30 years, and I'm not kidding. I took lots of seeds from it and have some started as seedlings now. I should be planting them out in the next couple of weeks. I am dying to see how they turn out.


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