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squirrel hunting

Venice, FL

My boyfriend has been hunting squirrel all over the house. the lil buggers have so far seemed to outwit him. any suggestions? I have a garden in the backyard and I'll be darned if they're gonna eat my corn.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Are they in the house or outside?

Venice, FL

outside. we have a vegetable garden they've been trying to get into. he's put peanuts down to try and lure them in and as soon as he gets them sighted in they run like heck up the tree

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Well, I am no expert on squirrels but I have learned much about them over the last few years of squirrel battles.
They are pretty smart. You are going to need a blind or some kind of cover. But they will get to know that too and run when they see the barrel of the gun come out.

I have shot them out of trees many times, but depending on the area (if there are other houses near you) this could be a problem.
If you can shoot them in trees, you need your gun sighted in well, and know the distance so you can adjust for the drop of the bullet.
I like to use a 17cal. It is really straight shooting and you don't need to guess where the bullet is going.

I do have to say that if you are trying to lower the squirrel population that is pretty futile. When you remove some, more come into the area (that were maybe run out before). Squirrels also tend to mulitply quickly, esp when the population is lowered. Also, it seems to bring in the red squirrels and chipmunks when there are less of the gray, fox, or black squirrels.

I have not found an answer to the problem yet.

Venice, FL

darn. we're doing this with a daisy bb gun from walmart. I'm in a rather urbanized area. we just wait till they aren't home and the daisy doesn't make any noise so we don't have to worry about that.

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

We have a bb gun too. They will take out a squirrel, but I afraid there are a few squirrels that have some little bb's in them running around.

It is harder with a bb gun. What I did was to make a target (paper) about where the squirrels are. Then shot the bb gun at the target to sight it in. BB's are not the most acurate guns on the market, but sighting them in helps alot.

I don't even bother shooting them anymore, unless there are over a dozen out front, then just making noise makes them run for the woods.

Venice, FL

we have the cats running around, but every so often I see one in the garden rooting around tearing up my radishes or sniffing at my tomatoes. I get very upset. we've shot about 3 so far and its been about a week since i've seen another one. hopefully they will stay away for awhile

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Sounds like the cats will help alot!
Making the area not as inviting as it was before will probably be the solution.

Yuba City, United States

try using a higher caliber firearm such as the Colt 45 or similar. This should destroy the first squirrel you hit and the mess and noise should help scare off the remainder. Dont try this in the house however, my wife didnt speak to me for weeks when i shot her in the foot.

Huddersfield, Uruguay

Throw a brick at it!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Buy one of those fake, plastic owls with the swivel head. Wal Mart usually has them in the garden center. Squirrels are lunch for owls so they will steer clear when they see one. Mount it on a post or your fence close to your garden. Move it every so often so they don't get wise to the fact that it never moves as a real owl would. I keep the pesky little varmits out of my fig trees :-}

Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

Does anyone know if a 22 long rifle will fire shorts.
I have a couple boxes of shorts and no longer have that gun and thinking of buying a long rifle instead of using a shotgun for small game

Savannah, GA

I have used a bb gun and pellet gun with success. My current squirrel sniping firearm is a gamo break barrel pellet gun. It took some getting used to as the balance is diffeant, along with the funny recoil but now with a rest I can get them from a pretty good distance.

I get mine from my mudroom window. I sneak out into the mudroom and shut the door (so the doggies don't warn them) and I ease up the window if it's not already up. I can use the window sill as a rest.

Once the shot is fired the hounds are released. Sometimes I have to do a follow up shot. I usually do one anyway just to be sure, to be humane. My doggies don't kill them quickly like they are supposd to. They will eat them though. I was keeping them for myself but now I let the doggies have them, it only makes sense.

As many as I get there are always plenty to take their place.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Hemental ~ what kind of 22 rifle did you own? Whether it was a semiautomatic, bolt action, pump or lever action will determine which shells it will shoot. Most rimfire rifles have caliber markings on the barrel. A bit late to your question but if it is marked 22 cal s, l, lr ~ that will mean it will feed shorts, longs and long rifles. If it is only marked 22 lr, it will not feed the shorts. If you hadn't purchased a 22 rifle yet, I can make some suggestions for new guns that will feed your shorts.

This thread caught my attention as today is a TX state holiday. The first day of squirrel season! LOL

Waynesboro, MS(Zone 8a)

I have not yet purchased
On futher examination of the boxes I believe most are long rifle as they are 40 gr.rim fire
I have given the shorts to my brother.
Thanks for the response

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Were you thinking ~ of an automatic, bolt, lever?

edited to add: I need to say I am not being nosey. This is what I have done for more years than I care to think of. I can offer suitable recommendations of dependable rifles at what are fairly reasonable prices. Please feel free to dmail me...

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London, United Kingdom

Because of the strict Gun Laws in the U.K., you would need a Firearms certificate for any live rifle, and they are not easy to get.
We have a squirrel problem with grey ones, red squirrels are protected under law as there is not many left.
However with the rules being strict on shotguns and firearms, you can get air weapons.
These are limited to 12ft pound per square inch, which easily will take out a rabbit at 40yards, and will certainly knock any squirrel it hits.
You can get these at, .177 or .22 and everything from Hunting to target rifles.
However you can also get a Firearms certificate for air weapons, which is easier to get than firearms. These are then not limited power wise, so you can get 100 psi ones if you want. My one is powerful and works on a large divers air bottle, where you charge up the canister to load into the weapon. Although you always take spare canisters with you.
A normal lead pellet does not work in the really powerful ones like mine, as for some reason it deforms it, for I do not think they were designed with taking that much pressure.
So we use stainless sabot, hollow points. these have three bits of plastic around the skirt of the round. As the weapon is discharged, the three bits of plastic break off when leaving the barrel, allowing the steel bullet to do its job.
The plastic is there to stop the steel damaging the rifling in the barrel, and spins these very well.
I can assure you if a squirrel gets hit by one of these, it does not get up ever.
We drey poke the things out as well, using a long telescopic tree pruner, we simply knock there nests out of the trees, any young that fall are easy prey, and if the adults run to the top as they do, they are easy picking as well.
I do not know the top effective range of mine, but at a field target shoot I went to, it would easily bowl over a metal rabbit target at 100 yards, and put a large dent in it.
Squirrels taste like roast beef when cooked, as long as you remember to take the scent gland out.
Regards from England.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Neil ~ very interesting information on your regulations. If you were to acquire a "firearms certificate" does it allow you to keep the firearm at home?

I am also impressed at how powerful air rifles like those are allowed. How long does a charged cannister last in your rifle? Approximate shots?

London, United Kingdom

If you get a Firearms certificate, you must keep your weapon in an approved steel gun cabinet, bolted to the wall inside bolts, and the house must be alarmed so it can notify the Police. You are not allowed to keep ammunition in the same cabinet.
If you have a live firing Firearm .22 LR, .243 etc, then you have to tell the Police your expected Ammunition needs per year!
Every time you go to the Gun Shop to get ammunition, the amount you get is recorded and yopu are not allowed too much at any one time, if you try to go above your yearly allowance, they will not give it to you and you have to see the Police and tell them why you want it!
Air rifles are exempt from any ammunition restrictions.
In some parts of the Country you are not allowed to keep your weapon or ammunition in the house, they must be kept in a Police station.
This demand by the po;ice is against the law on weapons, so if you challenged it, they just don't give you a certificate!
You must also have written permission off the landowner to shoot. This is given to the Police who then check the land to see it is safe to use that weapon on it!
If you have ever done the slightest thing wrong, don't even attempt to get a Firearms certificate, as you will be laughed out of the Police station.
As for my rifle, the manufactures claim 100 shots with their ammunition, per canister.
However with the ammo I use, it starts to decline after 80 shots. I believe the reason for that is that stainless steel is heavier than the alloy ammo they make.
As you can easily carry six canisters that is enough even when out Shooting or ratting.
I have only got a 4X40 sight on mine, high mounted so I can use the iron sights in the dark.
Not that I need them that much as my Original English Jack Russell takes care of rats, for me.
A fox went into a chicken run and after getting through the mesh it was just slaughtering the chicks, not eating them just pure killing for no reason.
They do that to anything they can get hold of, lambs, chickens, pheasants, so they are not exactly popular.
This one made a mistake for my Jack Russell heard the racket and went flying in behind it, the resulting fight was terrible as I could do nothing as one moment my dog was in the way and then the fox for seconds, and it was dark.
I could not shoot as my dog was there in the way.
After what seemed a long time, my dog (Tess), came out covered in blood. Yet there was not a mark on her from the fox.
When I pulled the fox out, Tess had got it in the throat and Terriers do not let go, unless to get a better grip, It was stone dead! The farmer came out as he had heard the noise, and looked at this dog fox, so we weighed it on his sheep scales.
It was 31 pounds in weight, taken out by one evil Terrier, a good nights work for her!
Here is a picture of her!
Regards from England.

Thumbnail by NEILMUIR1
Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

What an amazing feat for your terrier. Tess is a proven winner. Is she as large as the fox? My brother always wanted a Jack Russell but his wife overrules with a small foofoo dog of some sort. LOL

Do you worry that the stainless will erode the bore faster than the alloy would?

London, United Kingdom

No because the stainless has a plastic three bit sabot covering the bottom. So the steel never gets anywhere near the rifling!
No she is not as large as a 31 pound dog fox, she weighs in at 12 pounds!

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Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Excellent on both counts!

Fort Worth, TX

my cat kills a lot of squirrels in my yard all the time. you should get a cat, seriously. they are natural born hunters.

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