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Kopper Kettle

St. Thomas, ON

I bought Kopper Kettle last year (for 45.00, I got it half off because I work at a nursery) any ways I planted it in early Aug of last year. This year I was really excited and I thought that it would bloom, however no blooms not even buds yet. Is this characteristic of Itohs or am I just impatient, the leaves look great and it send up three stalks and is over all healthy.

Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

You may get buds yet. They form buds very late in the growing process. My 'Bartzella' (another Anderson intersectional) has just gotten buds that are visable. Was it a good start? My first year I had two blooms, but the start was very large. These peonies are ones that get more robust every year.

So keep your eyes out for tiny buds beginning to form. They bloom later than most peonies, if I am remembering correctly from last year.

Keep us posted....

St. Thomas, ON

It was a pretty good start, probably not the best because it sat in the perennial section last year all spring, also it only had two stems that were significantly shorter than this year's stems. I have read your post about the bartzella and mine may not have been as good of a start as yours.

Lewisburg, KY(Zone 6a)

I have visted a Botancial Garden that had the yellow and coral color peonies. I missed the Fall Co-op, did any one get those? How are they doing?

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

my question to Peachguy is... how deep or shallow did u plant ur peony? if u planted too deep, u definitely will not have any blooms. i am not assuming just b/c u work in the nursery u knew how to plant it properly. pls read some basics on planting peony.

pls don't get me wrong and no offense intended, merely trying to help.
ma vie

St. Thomas, ON

I plant it just above a root that was showing in the pot, so from the top of the soil to the first root will only be about 1/4-1/2 inch deep. From my knowledge I know that they are not to be planted deep, but your link is not loading for me so I am not sure if I planted to deep or not deep enough.

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

accdg to the above site, which is also giving me a hard time to pull up. i am glad i bookmark to see it's content

Peonies should only be planted in the fall as 'bare roots'; consist of a couple of large thick roots with some pink buds. Older plants will develop a 'crown' composed of all the current and old bud materials-sort of between the buds and the roots.

If you plant peonies in spring and summer they are less likely to succeed or may take much longer to settle down. A typical purchased peony 'root' consist of 3 to five large pink buds and 1 to 3 thick roots up to about 6 inches long.

They must always be planted shallow - the buds should not be more than 2 inches below soil level. Plant them where the tips of the buds are 'just showing' at soil level. It soil washes away, always scrape a bit more soil on top or even scrape a bit more the first winter. If they are planted too deep they may not bloom.

Plant the roots in fall from Mid-Sept to late Oct and they do fine. They are just going dormant then, but the still warm soil allows some new root growth before cold temperatures.
hth ... ma vie

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Peachguy in your area the eyes should be not more than 2 inches below groundlevel.

You may perhaps be expecting too much if you only planted them last fall. I have new peonies planted 1 and 2 years ago and they have not flowered yet - new plantings sometimes take a while to flower.


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St. Thomas, ON

Yes I think I must be patient because I checked to plant and yesterday and the roots were almost bulging at the surface, so now I know I didn't plant them to deep. I did however add about 1/4 of soil on top because I don't think it is good having the roots about the soil.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

The roots should certainly not be above the soil! And if the eyes are correctly planted at 2 inchs deep then most of the roots would be below that.

St. Thomas, ON

The only thing is it survived the winter with its roots that close to the surface and I really didn't add any mulch for the winter(we did however have a lot of snow and that could have insulated it). So I don't know if I should add more soil to surface around the plant, I don't want to add too much so that it would be below 2 inches. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Lisbon, IA(Zone 5a)

Can you attach a picture of it? That way we can see and aren't just taking wild guesses for you. :)


Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Yes picture please because you keep talking about roots but dont mention the eyes.

St. Thomas, ON

I will take a picture tomorrow it is late right now and I don't know why i didn't think of taking a picture before. Will post a pic. tomorrow.

St. Thomas, ON

Alright here are some pics
First is of kopper kettle

Thumbnail by Peachguy
Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

It looks like you need to plant it deeper, peachguy. You should not be able to see the root at all. It's tough but I even think I see an eye. The eyes need to be 2 inches deep, underneath the soil.

St. Thomas, ON

Here is another of kettle

Thumbnail by Peachguy
Southern, WI(Zone 5a)

Yep, I would just add soil to that, that way you don't have to move it and it won't be set back in any way. It looks like it will be great once you fix this.

What do you others think about this? Always love it when the experts chime in.

St. Thomas, ON

I just saw the new post and in those pics i had to remove some soil so those root are about 1/2 inch down I am going to post a better picture of Cora Louise which is planted at the same depth as Kettle but I just planted it this year so it has not gone through a winter. the pic of Cora Louise is a little better and as I said both of them are planted at about the same depth. Also since you say i should plant them deeper, how should I go about doing that just add some soil to the top or wait until fall dig it up and replant it? As well i am going to take a better picture of kettle tomorrow because today I was pressed for time because a big thunderstorm came in and there was a tornado watch( imagine that a tornado watch In Ontario Canada) and I will have to go and survey the damage.

Thumbnail by Peachguy
Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Are all those pink stems from Kopper Kettle?

Of course the root should not be showing but other than that I dont understand your concern about no buds or blooms. Im not really familiar with the ITOH hybrids but I certainly would not expect to see buds on stems that small - mine are 18-24 inches before I start to see buds. And it was only mid May when you first posted.

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St. Thomas, ON

My concern was that I was excited and wanted to see the blooms, then my concerns shifted when they might be planted to deep and now they might be planted to shallow. The pink stems in the post at 8:07 are all from Kopper Kettle and the pink stems in the picture at 8:14 are from Cora Louise(which is also an Itoh). I only showed the roots to show how deep it was planted, normally those roots are covered with 1/2 of soil. I am going to try and get full pictures of the plants tomorrow and and a better picture of the roots and eyes.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Hey peachguy I just noticed you are in St Thomas - know anybody named Van Velzer? There is a branch of my family there although I dont personally know them.

St. Thomas, ON

Sorry can't say that I recognize that name, that would have crazy if I did know him.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Here in zone 6, it takes me about 3 years to get blooms. Small buds form, but they fail to mature. The year after that, I tend to get good blooms. Even on plants that I paid a lot a lot $$ for. Peonies don't like being replanted after blooming in a pot and punish you for a couple of years. With that in mind, maybe next year will be magic for you. You probably did nothing wrong. I see that it is an intersectional. Keep in mind that if it is a tree peony, it has to be planted deeper than a herbaceous peony. It has a beautiful bloom.

Clarksville, MD

Here is the first bloom of my Kopper Kettle.
But the color and number of petals seem all wrong.
Maybe it was mislabled?

Thumbnail by rileyobo
Tomah, WI

Your photo looks very similar to photo on this link-

Kansas City, MO

Same as the one that I saw in a friends garden today.

Columbus, OH

I plan to move my ponies during the fall. What will happen if 3/4 of the leaves are cut off after blooming this season? This is an older plant that
was divided last year and has really grown out of bounds this year. When I say grown it is hiding my Endless Summer hydrangea. Now I
know the reason for proper spacing each plant.

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