East Texas Roundup - Trade Lists

Post your haves and wants to this thread.

Fate, TX(Zone 8a)

saving a spot just in case i get to come.
tall blue ruellia..EOT
tall white ruellia
white yarrow..kenboy, trishann GONE
yellow yarrow..kenboy, catlady
any other extra yarrow....kenboy(cerise queen, paprika)
obedient plant..ken, trishann GONE
pink oxalis..dave
orange beauty canna, mibus
tropicanna canna, mibus, trishann, ms. doolittle(6), heavenscent. darkmoon
wine cup...eyes, ken
penstemon tenuis....maggie, dave
purple bee balm...maggie, dave, D
apple mint...i think. this is tall and very pretty wooly foliage.... dave GONE
blue spiderwort
ditch lilies
mexican hat
victoria blue salvia..trishann, heavenscent
turk's cap
purple ajuga.....maggie
homestead verbena..trishann
mixed no i.d. daffs..D
vanilla grass.....maggie, trishann
red spider lilies....dave
hibiscus cannabinus...trishann, jestelle
white cleome seedlings
prob. kniola black morning glory seedlings....eyes, trishann
scarlet milkweed seedlings
brazilian verbena....dave, trishann, D
pink champagne clematis...only 1...D
yellow scabiosa...1-2 plants........eyes
yellow thalictrum.......maybe...there is one big plant but there might be some babies nearby
1 tiny screamin' yellow baptisia seedling from hunt county, tx. ...dave
purple double poppy seeds....1 trade........mibus
yellow columbine seedling texas gold.......maybe...
hot lips salvia microphylla...1 plant..ken GONE...CAN TRY TO ROOT CUTTINGS OR I CAN BRING CUTTINGS
mina lobata seedling....1
tropicanna canna......ken, mibus
frosty morn sedum cuttings...2...trishann
yellow/red broken colored 4:00.....2....maggie
pink mist scabiosa......dave, trishann, D
root beer plant....shirleygirly, dave, trishann GONE
ox-eyed daisy...catlady, eyes, trishann
french hollyhock...mibus GONE
shasta daisy...patti, eyes
paprika yarrow...1....ms. doolittle
baptisia...maggie GONE
agastache...maggie, heavenscent. GONE
northern sea oats..1-2 trades

rice paper plant
coral bean
non-pastel brug..any color
ground cover sedums
cloud walker sedum
samuel oliphant sedum
pink oxblood
any new and interesting salvia or agastache
clematis...any small flowering ones esp. princess di
mexican flame vine
new echinaceas
if you have any of these that are "special' lmk as i have some "special' ones too.

any colored tile or colored glass/beads/marbles for a big craft project.
kiddie swimming pool..or anything that's pretty big for holding water/dirt
potting soil
plant labels
paint pens from walmart
plastic pots
old blankets for covering plants or any big covering
cardboard boxes...as big as you got
manure esp. rabbit
coffee grounds
corn meal aunt jemima or horticultural...not self rising
leaves/grass clippings if you don't want them
$300.00 hahahahahaha

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(Reserved for future post!)

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

reserving a spot ...

Sassafras trees - cannagirl
pine trees
cedar trees
day lilies - mariam, cannagirl
prickly pear cactus - mariam
Red Poppy Seeds double flower - Mariam, mamaj
Pink Poppy seeds single flower - Mariam, mamaj
Dianthus seeds firewitch and cranberry ice
African Violet leaves I can bring for starts. it is an optimara brand and I think it is Rita for the name..white pink ruffled flowers - msdolittle

to meet DGers in the area I have not meet yet..most important want of all *S*
barleria cristata - Philippine violet
bletilla striata - chinese ground orchid
lenten rose - helleborouse orientalis
mexican oregano,
prunella grandiflora, pink loveliness
oxalis regnelli,
Apocynaceae Nerium, Oleander
Lilac bush/tree
pussy willow bush/tree
Tulip tree
Pride of barbados
Butterfly bush any and all colors
and any thing that draws hummingbirds

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(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

To start with I am pretty sure we will HAVE:

Turquoise Puya - 2 years old
Kalanchoe - Bright, deep pink
Sedum - Autumn Joy
Plectranthus cremnus - great for containers and color pots
Louisiana Iris seedlings - 2 kinds, one batch from Black Gamecock, one from a NOID dark pink - 2 years old
Forsythia - I am going to have to move these up to 2 gallon containers. I also have some rooted in ground
Scarlet Sage
Cardinal Climber
Hyacinth Bean
Assorted Morning Glories
Hedychium - Butterfly Ginger in Pink, Yellow and White
Cannas - a big assortment of colors
Monarda - Bee Balm - from Joan Cook, a good strong dark pink that doesn't get mildewed
Parrot's Beak AKA Peruvian Lily - Alstroemeria psittacina
Violets - common purple
Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'
Yarrow - a dark pink variety I lost the name on, it's NOT Pomegranate - most likely Cerise Queen

We'll also have some named EEs, Gingers, Brugmansias, Reblooming Bearded Iris, Hellebores, etc. Maybe some bananas and other oddball stuff too.

OH, AND if anyone has a large shade area to fill, we have thousands of robust violet plants that need to be 'rehomed' LOL!

Oh my gosh! I have been reading lists because it's too darned hot for me out there.

For mamajack:
I might have a coral bean, will have to look at ours and see.
Brugs: Autumn Treasure, Orange Sunshine, Nairobi Sunset
Cranberry Crush TB Iris
Colored tile and glass ??

For Mibus2:
lenten rose - helleborouse orientalis We have bunches of seedlings from Joan Cook's (jestelleoan)
oxalis regnelli - I have the purple one, if that's the one you want?
any thing that draws hummingbirds - that Alstroemeria psittacina is a magnet for hummers! Also, may have some
Black and Blue Salvia, the hummers LOVE that blue
Will try to get cuttings to root from my true Mexican Oregano. If I can't get them to root before the RU, I will
keep you in mind for whenever I do get some rooted
I will also try to do some Butterfly Bush. We just read that it's very short lived, so I want to be sure to get
cuttings off all we have here. White, yellow, purple (not Black Knight)

For DdeTex:
Mountain Magic
Turquoise Puya
Parrot's beak
I have a lance-leaf Coleus we think is interesting, I will set by a pot for you

For Shirleygirly:
We have all kinds of shade plants! C'mon out and take a look. I think I will just bring a selection of what we have
in shade plants anyway.

For catlady:
Red Riding Hood Mandevilla (I really think it's rooting)
Black Gamecock LA Iris
(maybe) Cranberry Crush TB Iris

For EasTexYardboy:
Black Gamecock LA Iris

For eyesoftexas:
Brugs: a mix of color, no white
Achillea 2 colors
Black EEs - 'Illustris' and 'Black Velvet' (Or??)

For lovelyiris:
Turquoise Puya - a terrestrial Bromeliad
(Possibly) Queen's Tears - another terr. Bromeliad
pink hedychium (Butterfly Ginger)
Red Riding Hood Mandevilla
Mountain Magic, Nariobi Sunset, Autumn Treasure, Solid Gold
Phoenix chickens

For LorraineR:
Brugs - what colors?
Elephant ears

For Dave:
Turquoise Puya
Louisiana Iris seedlings
Hyacinth Bean
Cannas (especially reds)
Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'
& elephant ears!!

For cannagirl:
Phoenix Chicks
Turquoise Puya
Sedum Autumn Joy
Dr Moy
Yarrow - it's not Pomegranate, is probably Cerise Queen?
Loquat, Yellow Japanese Plum
Stevia - seeds and maybe a plant if I am lucky

For Trish Ann:

Turquoise Puya
Plectranthus cremnus - great for containers and color pots
Forsythia -
Scarlet Sage
Cardinal Climber
Hedychium - Butterfly Ginger in Pink, Yellow and White
Monarda - Bee Balm
Parrot's Beak AKA Peruvian Lily - Alstroemeria psittacina
Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'
Yarrow - a dark pink variety
Reblooming Bearded Iris
violet plants

For msdoolittle:
Bengal Tiger canna
succulent & sedum
banana plant - MAYBE
Alstroemeria psittacina - Parrot's Beak
C. e. 'Illustris'


From DdeTex:
Oak leaf hydrangea
Lion's Tail
Obedient plant-purple
Monarda - J. Kline - red
peacock moss

From EasTexYardboy:
Any of the following:
Live Oak
Shumard Oak
Chinese Chestnut
Chinkquapin Oak

BUT especially:
black bamboo
giant (lumber) bamboo

From catlady:
Pots all sizes

From Shirleygirly:
I will take any ajuga and monkey grass you want to give! I have lots of paths that need definition :~)

From mamajack:
Penstemon tenuis
wine cup
purple bee balm
purple ajuga
vanilla grass
yellow/red broken colored 4:00 :~)
and any Baptisia you have available

From msdoolittle:
unID'd succulent/green foliage with purple tint, puts off tiny orange flowers in the spring
3 types hen and chicks
pink oxalis
obedient plant
milk and wine crinum lily

From cannagirl:
Canna banana
Spiral Ginger seeds

From TrishAnn:
green jew with white flower
mother in law tongue
birdhouse (kenboy)

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Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

I'll make a list but since I am only a few minutes away can take folks here to get what they want.
Oak leaf hydrageas-6
Lion's Tail-unlimited amount
Early Girl or Country girl mums-pink w/ yellow center.-5
English dogwood/ mock orange-2
Salvias- have several colors of the evergreen including Hot lips-12
Scented geraniums-8 rose scented
Obedient plant-purple-7 potted up but more if needed
Ceasar's brother iris, La. black gamecock-none potted up but plenty if needed.
Monarda- J. Kline-red-6
Passion vine-5 Maypop-
Florida jasmine, yellow bloom shrub type-12
Rock rose-5
Tall Mex. patunia, purple-6
Begonia, cane and angle wing-several types-10 total
Cana-several type-will bring if interested
Joseph coat-Party time-6
Alternanthere-Gail's choice-6
Peacock moss-will try to do a flat of 18 4" pots
Sedum-several type of ground cover type as well as others.-Many plugs of these.
Var. grass- green/white with pink tint on new growth in spring.Will pot only if asked.
Cleaning out a bed yesterday....Have large Am. beauty berry plants, will bring if interested.
I have many other things that I can dig out of the yard. For those that wish I hope you will visit my garden and we can get you other things.

Persian Shield
Gingers that were listed by maggie/ken-pink and yellow
Parrot's beak
interesting coleus
A good time for all.

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Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Sassafras trees
American Beauty Berry
Turk's Cap
Yaupon Holly
Cedar Trees
Sweetgum trees
Water Oak Trees
Mexican Hat
Monarda lavendar
Monarda white
Monarda pink
Tall purple monarda with pom pom like flower
common primrose
goat's rue
lantana (pink and yellow)
rudbeckia hirta
Phaison Tropicanna canna lillies
Alocasia cuculatta
passion flower incarnata

Baby chicks mixed breed large standards lay large brown eggs born 6/10 and 6/11 State inspection certificate if needed.
OE bb red bantam 6hens and one rooster for pets (not laying much anymore)State inspection certificate if needed.

Ugly looking fresh cucumbers
Maybe some eggplant
crookneck squash


large standard rooster (can only accept with state inspection certificate)
fresh fertile guinea eggs (inspection certificate NOT NEEDED)

bright red crepe myrtles
agastache any kinds
scabiosa any kinds
asters asters asters
peonies potted
potted morning glories all colors
any clematis
coral bean plants
varigated wigelia
mulberry tree
fig trees
old yard art
new yard art
water fountain pump
rainbow butterfly bush
any milkweed bush
camellia bushes any kind or color
passion flowers any kind (except incarnata as I have plenty of these to share)
Anything interesting for my vines to climb

a couple good hardworking helpers for about two weeks LOL

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Gilmer, TX

Just a few of the things I have thought of so far.

Any interest in cleaned gourds? I have several varities.
Gardening books or magazines?
Pots? Most black or terra cotta plastic, all sizes
I won't bring any of the above if there isn't any interest

I know I have to thin cannas and daylilies.

I will have some named dat lilies, I have to research and see if I can find the names, some are Aztec Princess and Stella d'Ora, and unnamed ones.

The same is true for cannas. Perhaps I'll get some pictures and post here
I will have TB iris, don't know names and didn't mark colors. Most are dark purple, but might also get yellows or white.

Byzantine Glads

Sweet potato vines, Blackie and Margarita

Air Potato - these babies are really taking off

Tiger Lilies - if they have bloomed and I can cut them down some

A couple of white cannas - gone

Redbud trees

Mexican petunias

Monkey grass

Red Okra - these are beautiful dark maroon plants the okra is the same color and edible

Zinnas - mostly red and dark purple but one package of 'Bold' mix in there too

Pink Cleome

Flapjack Plant - 2

Summer Poinsetta

I'm going to start some painted daisy and flowering maple but don't know if they will be ready by the 28th.

More later


Some of Maggiedews brugs - cuttings are fine
Red and dark purple anything
*** Oleander***


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Rusk, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm another newbie, so I'll reserve a spot for the plants I can bring to this area's first RU. I have trees in 4 gal. containers (Live Oak, Yellow Poplar, Shumard Oak, Chinese Chestnut, Red Maple, Chinkquapin Oak, Eastern Redbud). If there is any interest, I can bring a ton of black bamboo and/or giant (lumber) bamboo rizomes. I'll add other thing later. We're looking forward to our first RU and meeting other members.

More Haves: Milk & Wine crinums, Amaryllis ( St. Joseph's lily), Lycorus (red naked lady), yellow bearded iris

Want: Daylilies, hopefully resently named varieties.

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catlady, bring those gourds if you have room!

EasTexYardboy, I'm glad you're coming! I had a great time at your place the other day; your gardens are absolutely stunning.

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

I would like gourds too. Great project for the Grands to make things (bird houses) out of them. And you thought you did not have any of the wants....
Come on down. Glad to see the interest. It will be fun and those that want more plants to squeeze into their rides, there is also the many GH in New Summerfiels only a short trip away. May need a U-haul.

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

HI, This will be my first time to go to a round up. Catlady signed me up so I'll be the lost looking person with her.

I probably won't have a lot to bring, but it will be lots of fun for me just to meet ya'll. Pam told me I had more than I think, so been out look,ing around and do have angelwing begonias and lots of unusual coleus and other stuff, so maybe I'll do ok!!!!

I'm excited!!!!

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Catlady, would you please get in touch with me? I think you and someone else delivered some sort of insecticide out here a few years ago when I wasn't home? Well, I am home now! I love to work with gourds and would be interested in pots, too.

Tyler, TX

I would love to have red maple and black bamboo! I'm also taking out monkey grass that's just taken over an area we're trying to thin out because it's so overgrown. If anyone would want some I'd be glad to bring it.

Fate, TX(Zone 8a)

yardboy, which of those trees might do well around dallas?

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

Yardboy another question for ya..the black bamboo and the (lumber) giant bamboo you have is it running or clumping?

I have Phyllostachys aurea running bamboo that we are trying to get rid of the roots since it is where I want my veggie garden to be in the future.

I wouldn't mind have clumping that I can contain........yes everyone that has come to know me since moving here last July must think I am losing my mind now as all I have said is I want the bamboo gone LOL

Fate, TX(Zone 8a)

i want to know that too mibus. my sister is wanting bamboo so badly...not in her yard though. i understood randy to say the black was fairly well behaved. i have some in a pot for almost 3 yrs. and it hasn't spread hardly at all. didn't know if it was pot culture or if it truly just grew slowly.

Rusk, TX(Zone 8a)

According to The Texas Nursery and Landscape Assoc., all the trees I have listed should do very well in the DFW area. Both the bamboos are invasive (non-clumping), but steps can be taken to control them. You need to have the right spot for it, like, lots of room! Water is a natural barrier for it, it won't cross water. Both can be grown in containers for a while; when it gets too big, throw it out and start over.

Tyler, TX

Here's a start
Virginia Creeper
Monkey Grass
Morning Glory-Grandpa Otis
Trailing Jew (probably needs to be kept in a planter)

Red Maple tree
Black Bamboo
Tulip Tree
Shade plants

Jacksonville, TX

Saving a spot for my haves and wants. I'll have more wants than haves.

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

So............I've been out of the loop for awhile, when and were is this little wing ding?


Winnsboro, TX

Oh boy let me see what all I might have to offer. Since I'm new at doing this I don't want to promise anyone anything for sure but these are a few of the things I'll be bringing with me.

Different Named Tall Bearded Irises.
Some daylily seedlings.
Gardening Mags.
Different seed packages.
Small Morning Glory Plants
Japanese Maple Seedlings (very very small)

And anything else I can round up around herebetween now and the 28th.

Want List:

I really need alot of cannas, bannas, and tropical looking plants
I'm planting them on my little paths and trails on 35 acres with a couple of ponds and lots of creekbeds.

La. Irises.
Any bromeliads:
Any Cactus.
Bee Balm
Baby Sage Hot Lips
Century Plant
Parrots Beak
Pride of Barbados

My number 1 want is a Staghorn Fern, or any other ferns, to make lots of new friends, and to have fun!

Please feel free to tempt me with anything and everything!
I'll add more to my have list a little later.

Just remember I'm new to these RU's and don't know exactly what ya'll expect of me.

This is going to be so much fun, unless Catlady has to tie me to the top of her car for the trip back home. LOL

Happy Gardening Ya'll, Marian

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

Marian if she has to tie you to the roof then I put ya in with me on the way back LOL ...aren't you both north of Tyler?
my address may be Flint but I am in between Tyler and Chandler.

Do you have any prickly pear cactus already?

Winnsboro, TX

Hi Mibus2, Yelp we're North of Tyler. Actually I'm also North of Mineola. I always tell everyone I'm stuck smack dab between a rock and a hard place. You see this place sits at the bottom of an iron ore hill. So I'm really telling the truth when I say that.

I don't have any prickly pear cactus and I don't know if catlady would let me bring any back in her car. LOL

This is going to be sooo much fun.

Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Hello Marian,

I would love some of your TB Iris and Japanese's Maples. Check our list and see what you like. We are just a little South of you, somewhere between Hawkins, Big Sandy and Gilmer. You could stop by on your way there or back.


(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

Marian ...Well how's about I put it in a box that way it is safe to transport then you will have some.

Maggidew/kenboy (am guessing you are together :) I just saw your post above and any of that you have listed under my name would be fine I am not real picky.
If there is anything I have you would like let me know.
School is out the 4th and I get paid the 12th so I may just have to give ya a holler and come up to see your plants

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Maggie/Ken- After seeing your many post I have wanted to come see all the things you grow. You seem to have many interesting things. I will bring the Oak leaf, obedient, Lion's tail and monarda to you. I hope that you and other will come to my house and see/get other things from me. I live just across the hwy. from the Lookout.
If you bring brugs, I would love a MM. Also the touquoise Puya if there are extras.
Others that have wants from me, I have noted it and will save. I will make my list and bring plenty for all. If I run out of something we can go to my place and get more.

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey catlady!

Are you looking for annual vines or perennials? I may have some 'Red Riding Hood' Mandevilla that I haven't checked for roots on yet, but all the cuttings are still green after 3 weeks.

For dark purple I have a clump of Black Gamecock LA Iris that has to go from the spot it's in, the Great Pyrenees think it makes a cool bed for them and it just keeps getting smooshed. I can split it up now and revive it, I think. I might also have a small division of a bearded Iris called 'Cranberry Crush' that's a way cool color.

Any particular colors you want in Brugs?

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

DdeTex - We would love to come to your place and everyone is welcome here in our garden. We have collected a lot of neat stuff and we keep adding to it, of course. We are both pretty much 'plant nuts'.

Rusk, TX(Zone 8a)

maggidew, I would llike to have a start of Black Gamecock LA iris; for lovelyiris I can bring the light blue LA iris and yellow Pride of Barbados

Gilmer, TX

maggidew, The 'Red Riding Hood' sounds great. I love mandys and have a few but that's a new one to me. I will also take the LA iris, I'm haunting the co-op thread hoping to be one of the first 20 to get in on that LA co-op. I got some new spray at Horany's last week that is suppose to keep dogs and cats out of pots and off plants. I'll start trying it out today so I can report if it works. As for vines, I love anything with a pretty flower or unusual leaf. With everything I have in the yard, and |I have some unusual stuff, the air potato seems to get more comments than anything. Brugs, any color but white. Seems all the one that are coming back are white. I had a Ecu. Pink that came back for years, but no sign of him yet.

So, now what can I do for you. I know you wanted gourds, any special kind?

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

hmmm, well now as to gourds, I really like to work with canteen and pear shaped ones, but really anything that I can work a design on that allows me to use the stem end as a top that can be used as a lid. I discovered I can use joint compound to finish the inside of the gourd, it's nice a smooth and adds a little weight to the pot.

This is one I did ten years ago for Ken, the lid is cracked now so I guess I'd better mend it. The tail is the stem-end of the gourd and the top lifts off so Ken can stash stuff in it. I gave away all the others.

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

That is soo neat Maggi!!!

which reminds me if anyone has wisteria I would gladly take the "vines/woody" branches. I have exhausted my supply as I have pulled up as much as I could find last year and DH has made sure he mows over everything else but I use it to make baskets.

Gilmer, TX

Great work maggidew and Mibus. I'll get done to the dirthouse and see what I can come up with maggidew. You ought to come to one of our gourd meetings. We teach different medias for gourd work. I'll let you know when we have something good going on.

Mibus: I had no idea you made baskets. Maybe I knew that once but forgot? Anyway, please bring some of your baskets to the roundup to show off! I may be able to pull out some wysteria from our forest before the roundup for you.

Fate, TX(Zone 8a)

kenboy, what is that very pink/ red brug in the picture above?

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

Way cool basket! I want basket weaving lessons.

And yes, I would love to get together with other 'gourders'.

I think my new goal is a week-long Roundup, something different to learn each day, and good companionship every evening. There are so many people doing such neat things :~)

(Maggi) Big Sandy, TX(Zone 8a)

mamajack: I can tell you that, it's 'Sam'. Small flower but good color. It's an excellent container Brug.

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Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Maggie or Ken, do you raise easter egg layers? My roo died this year and I'm looking for a local breeder.

Anyone who wants wisteria can come to my place and get it. I promise I have more than anyone person could haul off in a day. There is a 1/4 mile fence line of it and it's over 10 feet tall and thick. I'm thinking of doing something very unorganic to get rid of it.

(Phyllis) Flint,, TX(Zone 7b)

Yes Dave you did know that as I brought some of them to the first Ru I went to in Arlington last October and gave them as door prizes.
I only have 2 left that I hung on to, but I have a picture of the different ones I made.

just do me one favor make sure there is no poison ivy on it ...LOL....I am doing real good so far this year not getting it

I did some searching on line found info and am self taught on it from the directions I found.
I'll help ya with baskets if you help me with gourds.

Cocoa if you can wait til school is out I will find a way to get over there and help get rid of some of that for ya. ...ya know my DH is gonna love me for it ...hahahahaha

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