Daily farm journal, Feb. 12

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. It's time you were out of bed! the thermometer says 20, we got just a frosting of new snow overnight, no wind this morning. Yesterday we had about 24 for a high temp so I went for a ride through the deep snow on Bullwinkle, my long legged horse. He had to work pretty hard, and my toes got cold even in winter boots, so it only lasted about 90 minutes. That's probably equal to 3 hours of regular trail work. I need to have him ready for an endurance ride at the end of March. We ran out of propane to run the shop heater and hope we can get some soon. We've got a lot of paint and other wood finishes and things that don't take well to being frozen, so we hope the co-op truck can make a delivery today. Without near 0* and wind we should be ok. Forecast says cooler tomorrow with wind. Hope all of you had a good weekend.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning folks! A very warm morning this morning! It should climb to the high 70's today. The weather said a little cool weather maybe next week and that should be the end of our really cold weather! YIPPEE!!! Lots to do today so I'll just wish you all a good day!
MaryE: too funny with your horse story yesterday! My horse, Lee, who is no longer with me :-( used to be scared of everything, so I got a chuckle out of your story. One time a fuzzy caterpillar scared the tar out of him. We were crossing a paved road and so was that caterpillar! OHHH so scary~~Lee died 4 years ago at the age of 15. I miss him. Lisa

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

morning everyone,
Partly cloudy and cold here! But that doesnt matter today-Ive been so happy-Teig did 3time valley champ!! =] our team won again thats 11 out of 12 years! His pic was in the paper again! districs on wed-going for 3time there too!!!
I saw that we reached over 700 members-WOW! Thats great-cant wait for all those spring trades. Today I have the normal chores and have some trades to get out-so off to the post office I will go! I really need to go back to franks going out of buisness sale-want some more peat and planting mix! Just need that money tree to start budding ;]
You ever like a word becuz it sounds neat--herbacide(sp)was always a favorite of mine-think it might have been a clue that I would be into gardening!?!
Everyone have a great day
Lisa you know that 70 weather is killing me! We are suppose to warm up here-ha!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good morning, everyone ~
Congrats, Dori!

One of my favorite words is cacophony - harsh and/or discordant sounds. I think that was a clue that I was going to have a house full of noisy kids!

Rain, rain, wind, and more rain. Miss the sunshine we had a little while back!

Well, a pleasantly uneventful weekend.

Take care.


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Crisp is how I would discribe the temps outside today. We got a touch of rain during the early morning hours. I hope to get a patch of the yard cleaned up today. Just a lot of JUNK laying around out there. We'll get a plastic trash bag and start filling it. A couple of deer hides that the birds have finished cleaning off will also leave.
DGS has marked off the area where he will have his flower garden. It will surround his pet rabbit's cage. FunBun will spend days in the cage when the weather is nice enough and come back in during the nights for safety. He plans to make a large pen of small mesh wire and put both a top and bottom of wire on it. Last year she dug out of a couple wire pens without bottoms. We had a terrible time catching her.
Mary, I remember going horseback riding in the snow. It was wonderful. My last horse was probably struck by lightening at the age of 30. He was still quite frisky. Another of our horse broke her neck when she started running & bucking on a pond bank. She slipped and fell. She was about 30 too, but was frisky as a 5 year old.
DGS and I made a shield for another florescent fixture to hand in the bird house to give more light. The pigeons like to set on the shop lights and really mess them up. We made a gently loping hood and then smeared vasaline on it. I hope this helps keep them off it. At any rate it will protect the shop light itself.
Have a blessed day everyone.

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