hello from central mississippi

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

I have been hanging around for a couple months. Ran across DG while searching for the name of flower a friend gave me,and I keep coming back to read and learn. I finally joined a week or so ago and I am learning to navigate site a little. Just found welcome mat. I must have come in back door. I appreciate the wisdom of those of you who answer the questions of beginners and those of us who just find ourselves stumped occasionally. I have loved flowers and grown them for years but just hand me downs and a few new ones occasionally. However, I have a new property where we will be building home someday and I am trying to move some things up there to get them started. I will have mostly shade there which is new to me so will be learning alot by reading on the shady garden forum. I have mostly old fashion plants I have moved around for years but will have to have shade plants now, will have only small area of sun for now. Someday maybe hubby will clear me another acre for just sun types. We will be hidden in woods. I came home in september 2000 to find burgular in home and got knocked in head and left on doorstep where neighboors found me. So I will love being hidden back there. Our current house is close to road with circle drive and it is too easy for burgulars. Anyway, I love DG and glad I found you guys. Nobody near me gets excited about finding a new flower blooming. I feel at home here. Sorry for getting long.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

Welcome Scraps! How exciting to start your new shade garden. Iím so sorry about your ordeal in 2000, and I hope your new home and garden bring you much joy and a feeling of comfort and security. You will undoubtedly find plenty of people on here to share your excitement over each new bloom you discover :-).

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Thanks sunnyg, I just love going to my place and sitting in the shade and working a little at a time. I dream of a beautiful flower garden for my future grandchildren to play in. DG is a great place to learn and share plants and knowledge. Have a great day.

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello welocme sorry for the ordeal you had. may you always be safe.

South Milwaukee, WI

Hi scraps ! Welcome ! I'm glad you will have a new house. Once something like that- (the experience with the buglars) happens- you don't feel safe in your home anymore.
* Sounds exciting- starting a new garden--best of luck!

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

another belated welcome from upstate new york

Lena, MS(Zone 7b)

Thanks everyone you make me feel right at home. I am loving the site.

Pass Christian, MS(Zone 8b)

Hi Scraps,
Enjoy and have fun, and good luck with the gardens
Fellow Mississippian

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