looking for someone to relocate some bees

Mansfield, TX(Zone 8a)

My daughter has a lot of bees going in and out of the corner of her house. We don't know if they are living in the attic or exactly where. They are small bees and aren't aggressive. Two days ago there were a lot of bees just clinging to the brick as if they were waiting for something. We really don't want to destroy the bees but haven't been able to find anyone that wants to move them Does anyone know who we could conctact in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Davis, CA(Zone 9b)

If you haven't tried already... You could try contacting the police or fire department and see if they have a list of local bee keepers. Hope they find a better home.

Mansfield, TX(Zone 8a)

I hadn't thought of that - thanks!

Stratford, CT(Zone 6b)

If they don't know, contact your local Agriculture extension and they will give you some area contacts.


Most of the time bees in a house can not be relocated without major expense. Thank goodness you hive is high up on the house. They have found and established a successfull native hive. It would not surprise me if you had fifty to a hundred pounds of stored honey....even more. Closing the entrance may be your most reasonable action.
Don't let some insect firm try to kill the hive from the entrance. It can not be done in most instances and is also expensive.

The bunch you saw hanging onto the side of the house was a new swarm ready to fly off and find another home. A swarm like that may have up to a hundred thousand bees going off with a queen to find that new home. Your bees are still there. Their queen will quickly repopulate your hive.

Talk to a beekeeper and see if some will give you a fair price to close the entranceway on your house. It only takes a guy who knows what to do. If I were doing the job I would need only a ladder and a can of insulating foam like they shoot into wall sockets and wide cracks in a small area. The bees need to be smoked as there are guards at the entrance that need to be controlled. Depending on the area factors a hundred bucks sounds like a lot to simply close the entrance way.

Whatever you do don't let someone start with open end expense agreement. You could get into a five to ten thousand dollar job real easy.

Franklin, KY

I am interested in find out what ever happen to your bees????

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