Beni Schichihenge

New York, NY

My Beni Schichihenge had a lot of dead twigs and small branches on its interior this spring. We've now moved it so it gets more light and repotted it so it should be happier, but I was wondering if the dead twigs are normal? It is a pretty twiggy tree.

Thumbnail by ltalent
Springfield, IL(Zone 6a)

Likely winter die back froma late growth spurt ( late second flush) I wouldn't be concerned it looks healthy although not a great jpeg but from what I can see it looks ok. That is not unusual but the inner branches dieing are a bit differnt but they likely had the late growth..David

New York, NY

Thanks David. It was a warm fall so that would not be too surprising.

Gaithersburg, MD(Zone 6b)

On all my yard-planted JM's, first thing in the spring I go trim the white branches and branchlettes. (The rest are yellow, red, or green.) They're the dead ones. Then I look for places I should thin.

I don't think you're seeing anything all that odd. I know Cicada (aka "locusts") lay eggs on new branches that hatch and the brances die, causing them to break off and allowing the Cicada to resume their life cycles. So it is possible it is somethign like that - or some other vermin you'd rather be rid of. So I generally try to put these little banches in a place where little buggers won't get into the soil. But I have not experienced huge amounts of damage even when the 17 year swarms have appeared.

New York, NY

Thanks John. Good to know. I've never owned one before so that's helpful.

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