Dealing with Africanized Bees

North San Diego Coun, CA(Zone 9b)

I was buzzed and then stung. I am sure these are africanized as these guys are mean. They fly around my head and attack. I checked and my county was *colonized* years ago.

Other than hiring pest control what can I do? They come after me when I am about 50 ft from the hive. They are particuarly aggresive when I am on the tractor.

The hive is in some rocks. If I wait till evening will they all be in the hive? Can I then cover the entrance with dirt?? Will they be able to dig their way out?

Can I encourage them to leave? Throw some mothballs near the entrance?



Inyokern, CA(Zone 8a)

Well, I'm learning as well but I'm going to plug the entrance of their hive at about midnight and let the glorious heat of the sun bake them to death tomorrow. I've heard nice rich soapsuds sprayed all over their tender little stinging bodies does the job. I guess you can tell I'm not happy with my two gentle hives that I installed 3 lb packages and new queens in on 7 April 2008. Either the africanized queen y came along about the middle of April or the whole africanized colony drove off the Italians today. I hived the driven off bees so it probably happened today. My queens were clipped and marked so I know I didn't have her in the swarm. Now the slightest movement near the first hive and over 50 are in the air in seconds. I can't wait for the couple of months to requeen and the hive to return to normal so goodbye africanized honey bees! Fortuneately, the second hive is still ok and the third will probably requeen itself. Wonder how long it will take for it to go African as well?....stay tuned! So, I'm doing my part to eradicate the african honey bee menace. I'm not sure why as I had 100% pollination before April 7th with africanized bees!

Inyokern, CA(Zone 8a)

Even at 10 PM there were alert guards attacking me when I plugged up the hive entrance. DO NOT deal with afracanized honey bees without full protective gear!

Stratford, CT(Zone 6b)

Is their hive in the ground? If so, you are dealing with hornets not Africanized bees.

Either way, wait until nightfall, wear thick clothing and spray the hive.

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North San Diego Coun, CA(Zone 9b)

It's in some rocks and they are Africanized Honey bees.

No. San Diego Co., CA(Zone 10b)

Zeuspaul, we just had to have a hive of honey bees killed on Monday - couldn't get them extracted because of the location (they took over an owl house). I talked at length with the technician and he said they always try to extract the European honey bees, but if you have Africanized bees, kill them. Definitely wouldn't go near that nest without protective gear.

We practically had a wake for these bees. They were very productive and docile.and we both felt terrible they could not be saved. We're going to modify the owl box so if this happens again, they can be extracted and not killed.

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