June 2nd, 2008: French Lavender (UK) (Lavandula stoechas) by Happenstance

The Bloom of the Day for June 2nd, 2008 was French Lavender (UK) (Lavandula stoechas).

View the bloom of the day here: http://davesgarden.com/bloom.php?date=2008-06-02

Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

Oh how I wish I could grow this kind of lavender! It is fabulous looking. Drooling (smiling)

North Augusta, ON

Maybe you could grow it as a house plant Gail?

Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

I thought they didn't like humidity, threegardeners. I need to measure the humidity in the house. Thanks for the suggestion as I might just have to try it.

Well, I think this picture came from the UK and they certainly have wet balmy weather.

North Augusta, ON

All those plant stands must create a decent amount of humidity, wouldn't you think?

Taft, TX(Zone 9a)

I am going to try anyway as that is truly a magnificent bloom!

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Actually this image is from Happenstance who is here in Calif., not the UK.

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