my poor hydrangeas. :(

Oklahoma City, OK

i tried to post this on the hydrangea forum. but it wouldnt let me. man, i love this sight though. anyways. i dont know what is wrong with my hydrangeas. it came out, then we had that late freeze and it turned to mush. then it came out again, and now its dying again. probably my dang dogs. i dont know. maybe i should move it to the front somewhere.

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(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

I'm not sure what happened,but I would prune off all of the dead branches and pick off the bad leaves.If your dogs urinate in that part of the yard,I would move it.Lynn

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

It could be getting too much sun or not enough water. They need A LOT of water and don't like afternoon sun. I see that in this pic its in the sun, was it morning or afternoon? If you could plant it under a tree where it would get dappled sunlight or where it can get morning sun, that would be best. I have one that gets a few hours of afternoon sun, and if I don't water it every day before the sun gets to it, it wilts. Hope this helps.

Oklahoma City, OK

its on the north side of the house. so it only gets morning sun. i dont water it much though. i will start and see what happens. it did really good last year. im sure its a really old plant.

Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Watering could be the problem, but they normally wilt first. If you've seen it wilting for awhile, that could be it. But, if the leaves just started looking like that without wilt first it could be something else. I'm definately not an expert! Maybe some bug or something? Hope you figure it out!

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)


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Can you protect your hydrangea with a 'cage' for awhile? If your dogs are lifting their legs on it, well, it will suffer. Also mulch of decayed leaves would help keep the soil cool & moist. If your soil is moist in that area and it has been raining on a regular basis then watering too much may cause a problem. When I hand water with the hose I try not to get the base of the plant wet, the roots that take up water are a few inches out from the base.

Hope you can figure it out.

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Oklahoma City, OK

if i did decide to move it, is it a good time of year to do it? i know you arent suppose to do it if it is too hot. plus as old as it is, im sure the root ball is gigantic.

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