Peace Lilly

Murphy, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, folks.

I was just given a large, very lush-looking, Peace Lilly. I've never had one before, so I'm not sure how to care for it.

It's in bloom, with five spathes at the moment. It's in an 8-inch plastic pot, with drainage holes. That pot is sitting loosely inside a taller, 10-inch pot. Not a trace of yellow leaves, wilt, or insects. I suspect it came straight from the florist this morning. I depotted it to look at the roots. Roots are healthy, and pretty much fill the pot without curling or wrapping. The soil appears to be the spongy black florist soil one often sees. It drains rapidly, but seems to hold water fairly well.

1) Should I repot? If so, same or larger size, and what kind of soil?

2) Should I plant it out? If so, will it survive and flourish in zone 8a?

3) Any general care instructions beyond bright, indirect light, and evenly moist?


Murphy, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Dale.

No wonder I couldn't find the information I wanted. I was searching for "lilly" instead of "lily." All set now. There's culture and care information everywhere.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Don't plant it out in direct sunlight as these plants leaves will scorch and turn brown, they flower best when pot bound, that is the roots have filled the pot, dead head as soon as the spathes turn brown or fade and keep the soil on the damp side as they prefere lots of moisture, I find mine do best indoors in a more shaded position away from too much heat, but not too cold either, only re-pot when the plant is about to burst the pot and use a compost that will retain the moisture more, mist it as often as you want in the growing season as humidity is a must. good luck. WeeNel.

Murphy, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks, WeeNel. You're the best.

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