Calla Lily Help!!

Hudsonville, MI

Hi everyone,

My friend is getting married and we are considering making her bouquets ourselves, however, we are hesitant because we don't know how to get the calla lily's to open (the large ones come packaged in a cigar roll). Does anyone have any tips on how to open the blooms? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Most florists will have the blooms in plenty time to allow the blooms to reach the stage they want, either by keeping really cool or by sitting them in warmth, so maybe go talk to your local florist for further advice, you dont have to say you are doing her out of a job, but say maybe you sent them to your Mum/friend etc and they were unopened blooms, how long should it be before they opened, remember Calla lilies dont have open flowers as such, they are called spathes and only open slightly for insects to pollinate them.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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