The Taynors log home Part 5

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Today was hot and humid. Our basement is very cool . We have dirt around the walls on the outside so we have our own earth geo thermal mass helping to cool it. Pretty cool huh ?
being inside the woods is also is alot cooler not as much wind either which is nice.

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Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Taynors, pray tell me, why do you need a separate shower with a tub that size? Why not just put the shower head over the tub and save the other space for the stool, cabinet, etc. That shower stall seems such a waste of space.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

That porch is to die for! It's looking great.

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

In our previous house, we had a bedroom in the basement for hot weather. It was always nice and cool down there-great for sleeping!

I LOVE the house it's gorgeous! You'll be relaxing in the tub in no time!

Sue :-)

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i agree. tile behind the tub & get a nice shower piece for the faucet...

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

we did stub up for a future bath in the basement . So we have an area that when we need to make a room , its all up to code already. Just needs walls and a permit :)
Man the wind is howling today. hope it calms down by tomrow . Going to my first RU in Cinncinnati .
Cajun the porch is cool. I love it. I will sleep out there on warm summer nights . Unless i roll over and fall off yikes . ouch
gonna have to get those really cool rockers from Cracker Barrel

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Skeeeters gonna carry you off that porch and eat you alive with all that water...You better start planting LOTS of Citronella plants...LOL

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

i was hoping bats would come to my rescue lollllllll

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

what, and carry you away instead?

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

You better get about 50 Bat Houses put up then...and get going on getting that yard graded to get the standing water away from the house and headed to the creek...You have one place in the driveway that desperately needs a culvert pipe to divert the water...and a log jam that needs to be moved...
Once I get settled up there, I will come help you get it all figured out...There are lots of things we can do that will be free or cheap to do, and still eliminate the problem, and keep your water under control...

Can't have you and the kids trapped behind a huge skating rink this winter..

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Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Dusty, I am thrilled that Sue has someone closer to her who is more able bodied than me(that wouldn't take much, lol)and knows what to do with some of her problems.

I would suggest screening in that porch but it would so deter from it's appearance. Citronella torches, sticky strips, etc. are in order.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Hiya Leaf....It CAN be done without it detracting if she wants a sleeping porch...Those monster posts would hide the required screen would the rails....

I am only about 30 mins from her, because of the narrow twisty turney roads, not because of distance...Welllll I WILL be the 28th of June...LOL
I can see things objectively because it is not my home or property...I know Sue is overwhelmed, and with her DH gone, I think these guys want to take advantage of her...Amish or not...

My main issue is with the water...That absolutely MUST be dealt with this summer...That yard has to be graded to the creekbed, and a culvert has to go in, in one spot on her driveway to drain from the high side down to the creekbed...just normal driving, because of the wet, has already created a center hump in her drive, and by winter it will be impassable even with a 4WD...With her DH out of the country, I will worry myself to death about her having seen all of this first hand...

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I did not realize her DH was out of the country. I hope he brings you and the kids some really cool gifts. (besides himself LOL)

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Hey sue!
Just found this thread. I have been catching up on your goings on. I love it! I can come and see you and get Dusty's homestead to boot. I think a plant warming party is in order for both of you. I am going to be splitting peony's(my grandmothers over 75 year old clump), roses, iris, tons of ground covers, black eyed susans, some double kerria and too much to tell here. I still have your goody stuff I was going to bring to the RU. I think a summer garden party is in order for you ladies.
P.S. Stupid me bought guineas today from a man from St. Paris and I didn't get his name. I could have maybe set you ladies up with a local source for poultry or fresh eggs, if poultry is not what you want.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I would be very concerned about her too. That could be a dangerous situation.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Geo my darling !!!....Soooo good to see you over here!! Sue will be thrilled!! as am I ...I want my chickens, but I have to get a new pen up on the brooder house first...It hasn't been used for that for years...It is in excellent condition, and has a cement floor...I can't wait for you to see it... You WILL be overnighting at the Homestead!!! May only be an airbed, but you belong to me!! Sue can come partaay with us too...LOL

Cajun....Sues Hubby is in China...He works there for an American company, and only gets home periodically...That builder knows this...grrrrrrr
Thankfully her FIL has been of some help to her with other issues...

Like everyone else, I was just watching the progress until Cookie and I went there 2 weeks ago, and saw the place firsthand...The home is absolutely breathtaking in person, from the outside...Can't wait to see the inside in person...but the water issues are pretty serious to the point that my 4WD didn't like it and I still have the mud on it to prove it...LOL
I can see the whole picture objectively, and I know what she is trying to accomplish in her mind, but she needs some help, and needs to first get water under control...These storms we are having aren't helping the situation one bit either...

Here is my beautiful Brooder House...

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none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Well i go away for two days and look who all pops in GEO !!!
I think i know what area your talking about Dusty
Right before you get to teh woods there is a wash area right is that what your talking about ? or up by the house ?
yes the yard will be gradded and we do have drain pipe that goes from the house to the Stream.
we will have gutters too and i will have rain barrels catching water for all my wonderful plants from the RU. Got a truck load !!
Dusty let me know this week if you want me to help you out with moving ? i got the trailer ready if you need it.
What a great brooder house !!
Geo i was going to start wiht Heritage breeds and then hatch my own eggs too. So we can swap chickens if you want. TRying to get Buckeyes and Delawares. Some turkeys too. But i also want guineas too .
LOL bats can't carry me i m to fat they better be big bats or try and catch me on my broom LOL
Dusty have you had time to go to the blackberry farm it has a cute cafe and a cute boutique, Geo i think you would love it too, They have a beautiful gardens !!
We can all fit in my tub LOL
thanks everyone :)
you all are so kind ,

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Sue we will have to hook up for the next Lucasville poultry meet(Dusty too). They will have everything you would ever want and then some. My farm friends will also have some nice breeds by then and I always have some cute little mutt banties. (your kids would love them! well prob you too!) I will also prob if all goes well have extra guineas. I have a purple and pearl with a huge nest full and the daddy is lavender. Prob 25 eggs in each nest. I also have a little bantie hen on 11 buff eggs. Might even have another little goat that needs a home. I love your log home. When I was with another person. His family had over 1000 acres and we were building a log A frame on it. Here in Morehead we have so many trees. It's called the hard wood capital of the world. There are saw mills everywhere. We bought a kit and the people cut and treated their own wood and sawed it and built it. You could stop them at any phase and finish yourself. Needless to say I left before it was completed. They went all the way with it and even had the walls, ceiling and floors made of hard woods. Looked great.

We have an offer of 5-10 acres of land from our farm friends. We are going to work on it and slowly build a cabin/cottage there. The kids will be gone by then so we can devote the living space more to our wants, not what we have to have. I love open floor plans and would really like it to be one huge room with a spare bedroom and bath on first floor and the whole loft a master suite. With a banister looking over the great room. I do not want to go into debt for it. We are going to build as we can. Might take 5 years, but we will be debt free.

I help the farm friends as well as jeff all the time for money or barter. Thats how we would get the land. We would have a set amount each month to pay and if we worked over we would get cash. If not enough work we would pay the difference. They have 100 acres and already we know the site it will be. The only draw back is it's deeper in the country then we are now. Getting things to market and winter time could be a problem, but we will deal with that when the time comes.
Well I have hijacked your thread!! sorry

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Geo that sounds wonderful on your plan. No debt you cant go wrong there. I love to barter with things. You are lucky to have so many sawmills around , lucky you. !! im jealous. We have so many tree's and no sawmill :( i do have a guy who cuts firewood and am getting deal going with him.
That A frame house sounds really great . I think the simpler the better IMHO. Do you have pics of it ? would love to see some if you
do .
Looking forward to chicken swapping with you too :)
well today we should be getting the fireplace in and the stone work. I hope they get it right !! LOL
Geo do you can, dry and freeze you garden for the winter ?
I sent along some goodies with Neal to give you.
No worries on the hijacking , i enjoy everyone's stories and helpful hints :)
take care everyone

Paris, TN(Zone 6b)

Oh Sue! Your home is just beeeyuuutifull!!! How exciting it must be to watch a vision coming to life :) I have good news too, but will open a thread about it :)

Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop on your progress.

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Jeff stopped at Neals on the way back from taking kids home and he didn't give Jeff any of your goodies!! I will have to get him. Some where in my junk I have pic of the A frame from start to where I left. I will have to dig around. I am ashamed to admit it, but I have never grown a veggie garden except for always putting a few mater plants out. with the price of fresh produce. We have put in a small garden and plan to dry(Jeff got me a dehydrator for b-day), freeze, and do some canning. I am taking baby steps this year and if all goes well will go bigger next year. We are also going to get a freezer. It will have to go into my craft/spare bedroom, but with a little cloth will become a "decorative chest" hehe

I find budgeting fun. I guess It's from my management days. I try to stretch a dollar as far as I can. When I think of what we can save on something like tomatoes each month. It's not a huge savings, but look at it on a yearly savings and it's a decent amount. The same with other plants we can raise, not to mention the taste and safety of our food. we were going to try it this year, but got to busy. Next year we are going to raise a beef and a couple of hogs. My farm friends are going to let us use their land in trade/barter for something(not sure what that will be yet, but always something we need to help each other with) I have already bartered for my hay use this winter and they are buying a ton of corn and are letting me again barter with them to get my corn at 2.50 a 50 lb. It's great bartering with them because they know my limits with the open heart surgery, but there is always other things they need help with so we both win.

I had such an over abundance of mater and flower plants from WS'ing and the GH. I supplied so many people with veggie plants and flower plants. I sent farm friends home with 2 truck load of stuff from the WS and Gh and included things from my garden. I gave away so much this year, but now that I know my system works we are going to try selling next year.
Well keep the house pics coming and tell us what kind of plans you have for production of plants and animals. I know now why those "old" men did so good with their gardens and critters. It was pure trial and error. They just learned the errors and did it the right way.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Oh, NO, Sue! I didn't understand you were getting a fireplace... somehow I thought a wood stove... SO much more efficient (like 90% more). But, I understand the 'romantic lure' of a fireplace and I have had several. Now that heating is so expensive, I'll stick to wood stoves. In fact, I'd like to upgrade my stove (old Vermont Castings wood/coal airtight) to one of their new airtights that burn longer on a single load.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

WHAT???? ow did i miss that? Sue, you had best be getting a woodstove, or i'll come up there and...

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

We will eventually get a wood thingy for the fireplace. To supplement heat. The geothermal is good but with 37 acres of woods it just makes sense to use more of your fireplace ?
Geo i m so sorry i didn't comment on your generous offer of your grandmothers Peonies !! That would be wonderful. I love peopnies.
My FIL grew up with a nursery background from his mother. His parents had a flower nursery and specialized in Peonies. They still have some of those peonies on a street where he grew up !! .
Hineni you do have to tell us !! what is your thread going to be ? please share :) are you building a house too ? that would be fun to watch . Im looking forward to your thread. :)
Well no one showed up today at the house , why ? i have no idea. :( i was told we would see some of the stone work for the fireplace . Well i guess somthing came up.
I have to decide on what telephone company i m going with . Ooops that just rememinded me i didn't call our builder with the numbers and which company yikes. well i have no idea on what phone company i m to get . Sheesh. :P i havn't even decided on what color pants i m going to wear tomorrow LOL
ok well i hope to get more pics soon to you all.

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Sue, you have a choice of phone companies? Here we either use AT&T or one of the cell phone companies. Where you live pretty well decides which cell phone company you use.

Fireplaces are so inefficient, Sue. And the smoke and fumes they let out into the room aren' good for your lungs. You should even wear a mask when you clean the ashes from a wood burning stove. Voice of experience speaking. That is what damaged my lungs permanently.

GOD bless and keep each of you.

Sugar Valley, GA(Zone 7b)

Sue darlin' Go here see Heinis thread...

Huggs to all and have a wonderful day tomorrow.. I am up at 4:30 am and well past my bedtime..was a hard day today...

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Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

Sue, i'm a little concerned about hgow they put the fireplace in. can you ask if they are installing a box? tell them NO. you'll just have to remove it to install an insert later... i can't recall the right wording for the code... maybr zero clearnance? & don't let them build it up above floor level with a hearth.... typically there is very little bracing under it, & once again, won't support a wood burning stove insert.... once the stones are in place, that's it, no redos!

remember the guy in stinett we went twice to measure for & i made all those calls to the heatilator company & spent all that time? & then he couldn't put one in...

same with the folks in borger, so they just got the facade for looks, no heat oiutput...

ZERO CLEARANCE, STONE ONLY, FLOOR LEVEL! you can call me for specs as far as dimensions needed. pretty much there are two sizes, you need room for the bigger one...then any size would fit...
for schematics click on documents tab...

or this is the pdf file:

good luck!

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Just some misc. notes about converting a fireplace to a wood-burning stove...

Generally having an insert is more efficient than just a plain ole fp, but a free-standing AIRTIGHT wood stove beats them all hands-down. The stoves I have had (except the first Jøtul 25 years ago) were/are capable of burning with the glass doors OPEN if you want/need the ambiance of seeing the fire and hearing the crackle. Of course, that cuts down efficiency but we seldom used it that way for more than an occasional evening...

Converting a fp chimney can be very expensive, for several reasons. First is the damper removal. Second is the internal flue size. Highly efficient airtight stoves require a specific size flue relative to the stove in order to achieve the efficiency. Running a new stainless, insulated flexible pipe inside an existing flue is expensive. Mine in Asheville 8 years ago would have run over $2,000 just for that portion o0f the work. Plus, the brick on my fp, including hearth, wasn't wide/tall enough to effectively radiate heat from the stove. It was cheaper for me to close off the fp entirely and install my stove in a corner.

The best airtight wood stove manufacturer in this country is Vermont Castings. Download some of their PDF installation files. I became a certified installer at one point but I let that all lapse when I retired from being a licensed contractor. I think my brain still works, though... LOL.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

i agree about hte freestanding stove, but she wants the fp... tyring to compromise with Sue on her house LOL

these inserts are not as difficult becasue very little heat goes out the flue. they are about 85% efficent.

some of the freeestanding come with screens so you can leave the door open.... don't recall if the inserts do.

thank you darius for the brain, you are much more convincing than I...

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

We have a Vermont Castings stove, Darius. Love it!

morehead, KY(Zone 6a)

Yeah, converting FP to wood stove can be expensive. MY farm friends have a large country type home. Many add on as children where born. They spent over 2 grand on just the upgrade in the chimney part and they did it on their own. They then used a soap stone stove. It is one of the best heating wood stoves I have ever seen. It heats their entire house and the heat last forever and is very even. It's not a "wood eater" either. It was not the cheapest stove, but the benefits have far out weighed the cost. It also is beautiful to look at.

I have a FP with an insert with blower. We just have a typical 3 bedroom 2 bath home. We cut our own wood here in our woods and use it all the time. I got a print out from the electric company on past energy usage to compare cost savings. We reduced the heating bill by a least 100/month and the highest we had was still 200 less then the year before in the same month.( the people who lived here before us never used the FP) I know it's not the best for heating, but it was here when we moved in and it is saving us money. I get to have a pretty FP, plus get free heat from it.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Oh, George... the soapstone stoves I have seen ARE beautiful!

I think if I ever build again, I will build one of the Scandanavian stoves (huge) that sit in the middle of the house... the ones you can bake in. They hold heat for HOURS after the fire is out.

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Our Vermont Castings will heat our whole house, with a couple of fans strategically placed.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

My Vermont Castings stove won't heat the whole house, although it has the capacity... we are a long and narrow singlewide, and the stove is in a stick-built room on one end. Sigh.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

I think i got you all confused ? I Im just looking to use the the fireplace for some supplement heat. I don't want to convert the FP to a WBS. So sorry if my terminology is wrong " my bad"
I m thinking more in the lines of what Geo has or an insert.
We have geothermal for our main heat source. I m thinking when electiic is out due to storm or winds. we still have heat . What about in the basement ? what kind of heat can i use down there ? or do i not need to worry on that ?
Glad we didn't go the propane route ! ugh last year was terrible . The cost of it is just going up and up
Glad DH saw the benifits of Geothermal
we have to work on his solar though. Got to convice him on that one still LOL
I don't know how i can do it or even if i can. I was under the impression they attach on your firplace but i guess its not that easy. ?
hmmm this changes everything :0 lol
Darius those scandinavioan stoves sound wonderful . ! wow

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

sue, an insert is made like a box, only the sides slant back a little, and you slide it into your existing hole. but your fireplace would need to actually be empty, not have a heatilator or some other box with a blower in it... and if it is raised off the floor, and i think yours is, there would need to be support built in, since they weigh about 350 pounds. remember these are soapstone inserts... the facade is the deocrative part on the face, so be sure your rocks are nice and flush. and don't let them put a wood mantle in, because then you would have to get a heat shield. they aren't expensive, but ungly and detract from teh facade... then you have options on the facade, like what color soapstone or granite or cast iron.

having the builder look at the links above will give him what he needs to do it right. when you are working with rock, you cna't change it later!

i hope this has helped. yes, to everyone that has a WBS, we have had for years. just upgraded to a soapstone, the heritage, and we love it! going to install a craftsbury upstairs in our bedroom and can run it off the same stove pipe. most of these well built stoves these days are mobile home approved, and some are alcove approved, which means the clearances are very small.

but with the insert the clearances are more. hop you aren't putting carpet up to the fireplace LOL


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

I would think you will need heat for the basement. Remember that just as it stays cooler in the summer, it will also be cooler in the winter. The soil embankment around it will sooner or later freeze in your climate and that will hold the temps down. The glass front, thermal or not, will lose some if not a great deal of heat.

Fritch, TX(Zone 6b)

you could always do a small freestanding WBS in the basement... and leave the fp as is...

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Well since my comp has been fixed . I can't figure out this pic stuff. its all different !! ? I wonder if i have to download my Nikon software again ? that came with the camera ?
it used to ask what i would like to do ?
1. Select and import new photos only
2. delete photo after import
3. select all photos
so i would always check on the import new photos only
and that was it .
Not to mention the iweb is different ? ! the themes of my iweb is a different color and style ? huh ?
i have the pics of my fireplace and some other stuff.
well i will have to wait on pics to give you all. 30 miles into town to the camera store to get some help. They don't do it over the phone.
I have to go in. So since i won't be going into town for several days . sorry . :(
building inspector came
well digger guy called me and asked a few questions
Here is the problem
well digger says he needs to go in first so not to cross over the electric. He needs to go in 4 ft . electric goes in 2 ft so he wants to go in first , makes sense to me ?
builder says no electric goes in first then dig well. Hmmm
Darius you have constuction backround . Wouldn't i want to go in dig the well first then do electic ?
thanks for all your help you guys
take care

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Sue, what does your FIL say? And your DH(he is in construction of types so I thought he might know something about it)? Whatever they and Darius say go with it. The electrician and well digger are just in compitition and each wants to be the one to be first. I would go with who has to go the deepest and has the greatest chance of hitting the other one's work. Well digger wins in my book.

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