Viburnum Carlesii won't bloom, HELP

Swannanoa, NC

I purchased two Viburnum Carlesii (aka, Koreanspice) in the spring of 2007 -- they both had a couple blooms when purchased. I transplanted in an area that is partial shade receiving filtered sun in the morning and a few hours of late morning, early afternoon sun but no sun in the hottest part of the afternoon. I am in the mountains of NC and the soil definitely has a lot of clay. The plants are growing - nearly doubled in size since I bought them with new growth "shoots" now - but they have not bloomed again. What am I doing wrong?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Could be they just need more time, often shrubs won't flower the following year after you plant them. I have had many, many shrubs be blooming when I purchase them, then I plant them and they take the next year off and don't bloom, then in the 2nd year after planting they'll typically start blooming again, although sometimes it'll take a couple years before they put on a really good show.

Waterman, IL(Zone 5a)

Some years are better than others for flowering shrubs. This year has been a boomer! All my shrubs put on a great show. That's not usually the case. i bet next year it will have some of those great smelling blooms.

A-0 Ski Lodge, NC(Zone 7a)

Mine are full of buds and a few have opened .. last year was great for the butterflies - looking for a repeat! Photo is from 2013.

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