Plant Swap June 7 08 Pictures!

Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

If you know who you are, please sign your name below. LOL.
Plants do not have to sign in.

This is from the lovely lovely plant swap in freeport mi, the
gazebo was cool and delicious, facilities were human and
clean, tons of tables and room, gorgeous quiet pretty
surroundings, all you could ask for!
easy drop off and pick up, just drive right in to drop and pick
up, cars parked right close. Michaganers do not want to walk.
unless they are doing "dunes".

only in michigan, do we have tablecloths for our plants.
i brought and ironed one of my pretty yellow wedding gift
tablecloths and table to set off my plants, but someone
had beaten me to the punch! Tablecloths there already!!! LOLOL

Almost everything was labeled, and healthy. Not an infested
typhoid mary in the bunch. It was a pleasure. We had a
professional Master Gardener there with us, complete with
books and papers and advice. I did ask her about rose planting
depth arguments in Michigan, she was stymied! LOL.
Thats Michigan!

There was one point where someone was swapping a runner
bamboo (NOT a member of DG btw, and everyone was
vomiting and screaming and making hex signs at her and her
phyllostachys/bambusa nigrides whatevers) OMG. I thought
this poor woman would start crying from all the finger pointing
that was going on!, we weren't that hard...but noone
took any of her bambusas!!! LOL. She,herself, told us it was
a runner and that she had trouble with it popping up in far
away places!!!! There goes Michigan! covered in bamboo.

so, I will have a few more pix to post here, and everyone
can tell who they are and talk about how everyone looks....

Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

next photo!

Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

next photo

Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

i am having trouble posting pix here. wonder why.
i keep clicking on them and send them, but they
never get here.
will try one more time.

Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

maybe it just didn't like my last picture!
it was including the picture of the runner bamboos!

here is the group of grapes shot

Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Hastings, MI(Zone 5b)

susies "Flat Bed 0' Plants Will Travel"

sssshhhhhh.......there's the runner bamboos up front by the hitch in
the white plastic bag....waiting......

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Thumbnail by WigglyPaw
Fenton, MI(Zone 5b)

OH what a wonderful looking plant exchange!!! It makes me sad I was not able to be there!
It is very nice of you all to post the pictures. It looks like a good time was had by all!
I saw the food table in one of them too! What a fun, fun day!
Hope to see you next year!!

Grand Rapids, MI

It was a lot of fun! Thanks for posting the pics wiggly! I still can't believe all the goodies I left with--my gardener friend-neighbors are so jealous ;-) maybe I'll get the rest into the ground today... doggone Michigan stormy weather this weekend! I'd just get my shovel out and have to run for the the house...

south of Grand Rapid, MI(Zone 5a)

Looks like a wonderful time!!! I was sad I couldn't be there=down in Ohio at a hot, humid weather!!!

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

Sav Just Hope to have you at our fall swap :)) I have already started to pot up plants :)) as i clean up my beds :))

well i have plants to plants so you all have a great summer & Hope to meet you soon .

Sand Lake, MI

Wanted to let you know so far 5 out of 8 of the watermelons have sprouted. Can't wait to watch them grow and eat one.

I had a great time at this swap. Thanks for the photos. I am so sorry I most likely will miss the fall one. I hope Susie does another spring one.

Hey Shelbelle, good to hear from you. I hope they aren't keeping you terribly busy at work. The garden is so much more fun.

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

My melons have not sprouted so if they do not I will for sure be at your door for melon :)) it was a great time & I know we will be doing another :)
Today is Fathers day so for all you Guys out there Happy FD To you & For the Mom Who pull dbl's Your Doing a great Job Hope your day is special also .

Happy Gardening to all


Grand Rapids, MI

Hi Leann and everyone!
One more week of busy then I can relax!!! But I did manage to get a few more rows of beans and corn in this weekend! My melons have done very well too! I think I have about 6 little babies to plant out once they are big enough. Take care, SB

(susie) Hastings, MI(Zone 5a)

5 sprouts of Melon Here :))) can Hardly wait to see what they become :)) Been a long busy day Here time to lay back have agreat evening to all .


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