Anyone have chocolate pepper plant?

Seattle, WA

I started several bell peppers this spring from a packet of mixed colors, including the dark brown "chocolate" pepper. One made it into the garden. It's leaves are turning partly black. They don't match any of the photos of pepper diseases, including black spot.

Is this disease, or normal for what may turn out to be a chocolate pepper?

Thumbnail by Anitra
Central, ME(Zone 5a)

Anitra, I have some chocolate pepper plants, but none of them look any different than the other peppers at this point.
There hasn't been enough time for all those nasty diseases to attack,and I have never had any turn black before.
Are you having strange weather that might cause distress?
I notice you have other plants in the photo. If they are too close, the plant may not be getting enough nutrients.
Just some thoughts. Hopefully those who grow lots of peppers will chime in with their experiences.

Seattle, WA

It has been a very cool spring here in Seattle. But I have an ornamental pepper in a pot about six feet away, doing fine, and if any pepper was going to show distress at the cool weather, I'd expect that one to show it first.

There was a curly kale about 4 inches from the pepper: I 've harvested it and pulled it. The nearby (within 1 foot) plants now:
* 1 viola, 3 inches away
* 1 swiss chard, 3 inches away
* 1 kale, 10 inches away
* 1 red lollo lettuce, 10 inches away

I'll test the soil for nutrients. For now, I've taken off the most affected leaves (and trashed them) and built a hill of wormcastings around the base of the plant. Later this week I'll try the other things that worked last year when I had black spot -- but the most effective treatment last year was worm castings.

Compared to the ornamental pepper it is a little dweeb of a plant, but it has 10 buds. I sure hope the little dweeb lives.

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