Blind goat for adoption in NE NC

Columbia, TN(Zone 7b)

I'm on a goat email list and this was posted:

"Ruben is a blind 10-11 mo old, bottle raised wether. Boer or boer
cross I was told (I haven't seen him yet). He is beyond sweet and
loving! Will just press up against you for petting. Gets around
very well once he's been introduced to a new enviro. Has almost
supersonic hearing. Still prefers to drink from a bottle but now it
is just water instead of milk replacer - he DOES drink from a bucket,
the bottle thing is just to 'pamper' him.

I was first made aware of Ruben about 3 mos ago when I recieved a
phone call from a 10yr old girl who'd bottle raised him as her pet.
IMO, her parents had NO forethought of what to do w/ an adult goat
and while I admire their willingness to step up and help this poor
little blind goat avoid his immediate death at the farm where he was
born...once he got 'too big' they also were ready to ship him off to
slaughter. The parents said they'd wanted to teach their daughter
a 'good life lesson'...What was the lesson? They couldn't seem to
tell me.
So I made some calls and found a woman willing to take him in. We
discussed at length the special requirments of a blind animal - super
sturdy fencing to keep predators out, NO electric fencing for him to
keep running into and that he would need a buddy animal to keep him
company and help guide him around, among other special things like
making noise when you came toward him and not moving his buckets
This woman has had him for aprox 2 mos and has done NONE of the
things we'd discussed. They are using their horsetrailer as a little
barn for him and he only has access to a small (10X10) patch of
grass. She says she feels so sorry for him being cooped up that she
lets him run loose to graze when she's home but that she just can't
keep up the requirments of watching him "ALL the time". They have
also been letting their dog 'play' w/ him b/c they feel he is too
This is NOT a good situation for ANY goat, much less a special needs
one! They had great intentions but didn't follow through.
I'll be picking this guy up this weekend (6-14) but I can't keep
him. I also only have a small patch for him to graze seperate from
my goats (25X20ft) and safely enclosed.
I'll get him wormed and his CDT.

Please no one else wanting to help him short term!! Ruben needs to
get into a stable home asap.
I'm in north-eastern NC but will consider farms from a distance away
if we can work out transportation.
Holly A
[e-mail:[email protected]]

Permission to crosspost widely - Ruben needs to network ;) "

If anyone is interested in helping this little guy Holly has listed her email and phone # near the bottom of her message. Trying to get the word out on this little wether.


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