New Passiflora Aficionado looking for advise and cuttings

Portland, OR

Hey there Passiflora aficionados I am new to DG but I am excited to network some good resources fo rtrading and culture techniques. My vine seems to do well where I have it, medium sun exposure or maybe a little less. I wonder how much organic matter they want and how about drainage, they probably like it, but is it critical? I would really like some advise about propagation techniques. I would also like to learn pollination and hybridization techniques. If anyone has interesting specimens for trade, I have lots of cool stuff on my list, so hit me up. Thank you; Passifloa Possie. Slipperman.

Whitesboro, TX

I'm not sure how they grow in OR but here in N Texas they grow everywhere. Full sun , shade don't matter where you put 1 in at I guararntee(sic) you'll have them everywhere in your yard in 2 years. By the end of the season mine grows up a 10' trellis back down it & another 5-10' across my yard like a fan. Don't take care of it (last year it spent a month in July getting chewed up by caterpillars which turned into a lovely species of butterfly & came back fuller than ever!) don't cut it back - heck it's lucky to get watered qnce a week. They will start from cuttings put in water or from snips w/roots off the main runner roots. I'd offer you some of mine but it's just a standard old fashioned passiflora ( my plant came from a cutting from a friend who had it for about 15 yrs & hers came from her mother's house where it had grown for about 25 yrs before that) plain old purple but does put on a show! Will have 50-75 flowers open at once when it peaks. As for drainage & mulching & such we don't do it here - they would just grow even faster...LOL I have sandy loam soil but I've seen them growing well in even the heavy, dark dirt we get down here. Hope that helps you some & if you want a cutting from an old fashioned Texas one drop me & Dmail & I'll send you some rooted cuttings.

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