SOLVED: Looks like corn to me???

All the info I have to help with id:
There are 6 of these plants coming up in 3 different flower beds and one in a pot.
I had a mouse family that was stealing many of the flower & vegetable seeds planted over the last 3 years. The mice have been relocated and plants are a sproutin' everywhere!
I did try growing corn a couple of years ago.
I also feed birds and the one growing in the pot has lots of birdseed 'sprouts' that I let grow.
All the plants are coming up in places that receive water.
Location is the high desert of New Mexico.
I don't remember seeing any wild plants that look like this.

photo -base of plant

Thumbnail by angele

and the whole plant
thanks for looking!

Thumbnail by angele
Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

pretty definitely corn.

turned out to be milo - birdseed that sprouted. The birds are enjoying it now that it has gone to seed.

Thumbnail by angele

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