Love-lies-bleeding or Amaranthus Caudatus

Oxford, MD

Has anyone successfully transplanted a young plant, called Love-lies-bleeding? I seeded successfully in my seeding bed and now I want to move the three-four inches plants to the sunny bed. The first ones I tried seem very, very stressed . Did I kill them? I bought the seeds from Monticello, home of President and gardener, Thomas Jefferson. HELP.

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Hi hovanecsusanc,

Welcome to Dave's Garden!

You would get better results to your question if you posted it on one of our free forums. I would suggest posting it to the Beginner's Gardening Forum There's lots of knowledgeable people that watch that forum and might be able to answer your question.

This forum that you posted to is used mainly for help with adding plants to the PlantFile database, and not too many people visit this forum.

Good luck with your plant.


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