goat proof plants

Barrie, Canada

Help. I am looking for plants that goats don't like. The garden has lots of ceders but I would love to add colour. Are there any bulbs that could work. Any help is appreciated.

Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

Just send those goats my direction. I have 4.5 acres of woods that is just full of poison ivy, grape vine & honeysuckle. I keep looking for Rent-A-Goat advertising but I guess they aren't around here. I would love to have a few for the summer.

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Are there any??


Loudonville , OH(Zone 5b)

I wish!!! It might be a good idea though. Mmmmm - now let's see - you could charge either by the hour for however long the goat is there or you could charge by the square footage of the area it cleans of weeds & briars. It would have to be tied since most people wouldn't have fences so you could put a harness on it. Goat's are too good at hanging themselves with collars. Different rates for different size goats & their appetites. Oh well, just a thought. LOL You can tell I haven't had much sleep today.

McMinnville, TN(Zone 7b)

I believe Georga bought and fenced in goats on the state rightaways to keep the kudzu from controlling everything. lol

Around here, they eat what ever is in their path of destruction. Pretty sure that if they can stand sideways on a mountain, they will eat whatever erosion barrier they can find.

We have even had them in our Barberry patches and our Rosa Rugosa fields! lol

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

I think goats are the most opportunistic feeders ever created! I can't think of one thing they won't eat.

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