Spitbugs on rosemary?

Seattle, WA

I have noticed some stands of lavender around the city with wads of white foam at almost every fork, and been thankful that nothing like that was in my herb garden. Maybe I was a little proud. Yesterday I noticed little white wads of foam on a few stalks of my rosemary. I want to get rid of the critters causing this, fast, before my bushes are covered like others I've seen.

I've read that spitbugs, or spittlebugs, can be "washed off with a strong stream of water" -- won't that just land them on other plants?

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's-Gravenhage, Netherlands(Zone 8b)

You can wash them off with water and the grubs will drown. However, this is not a harmful bug and the "spit" will disappear in a couple of weeks when the beetles have hatched. There's no real need to get rid of them......

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