Selling Herbs

Litchfield, ME

I have been growing oregano, thyme, mint, chamomille and many other herbs for several years. I've recently opened a garden shop and would like to sell them somehow. Any suggestions for quick and not to complicated ways to make them appealing to customers?

Not sure whether to do fresh, dried or both...and wondering how to present them. I do not have refrigeration in the shop.

Also, do the herbs mentioned above still taste as good once they've flowered?

Millbury, MA(Zone 5a)

Generally herbs are not used once they have flowered as they tend to become bitter. You can try cutting them back and just using the new growth.

If you want to try selling fresh herbs, you could put a few sprigs into the little tubes that the florists use to hold water for single flowers, tie a shoestring bow of organdy ribbon or use a little bit of curling ribbon and stand them in a vase or jar. Any that didn't sell the first day out could be dried.

Litchfield, ME

That's a great idea...thanks! And I guess I'd better go out and cut the oregano and chives!

Florence, AL

I sell herbs in my greenhouse year round. People that like herbs will find you. I also sell at local farmers market. I put them in everything, use your imagination.


Middleburgh, NY

Also, check with your state's department of agriculture and markets as they have the final word on if and how herbs can be sold. Each state varies wildly on what they allow and how they allow it.

Litchfield, ME

stumpenursery, do you sell fresh and dry herbs? What kinds do you find most popular?

herbalbetty, thanks for the tip. I will check with the state.

Florence, AL

Sorry it has took me so long to get back to you, but yes I sell fresh and dried.
The most popular for my area is curled leaf parsley, basil(all kinds), oregano, rosemary, lavender, mints.
The mints I dry for use with teas, I sell in a basket (Tea for Two), supply 2 coffee cups and a tea strainer, nice little basket. $25. I try to put at least 2 different kinds of mints in basket for variety. Makes great christmas, birthday, any occasion.

Ranburne, AL(Zone 8b)

I have catnip,chamomile,spearmint,ciltro,rosemary,chives,leaks,echincea, and lots more for sale if anyone is interested..thanks Porsha

Arroyo City, TX(Zone 9b)

zinniagirl -

I'm not sure what herbs you have exactly but, I bundled herbs together in a simple nosegay with a thin ribbon - All the herb for Turkey and stuffing etc. for the holidays sold like crazy at a farmers market...people bought them for small hostess gifts, for themself, for friends...kept them simple and used the tiny ribbon you buy at walmart. I think it's .50 for a roll back in craft. Used red and green for Christmas. Just a small thought. I bundled them and hung them so they dried as one bunch so there was no fussing with the dried herbs - saved alot of mess. Then all I had to do was tie the ribbon...If I were to do it again, probably would include a little tag with a clever seasonal saying or something but...wasn't needed. Never brought one home.

Dexter, ME

Zinnagirl,Please let me know how the herb process works for you.Right now I have been drying tons left and right.I was going to use them in tea's,tinture's.I do know alot of famers markets tie or use a elastic to bind and sell right in a cup of water,minus the water.I have lavender,lemon balm,hyssop,stevia,thymes,lemon vernbena.Mints,self heal,pansy,violets,catmint,mullein,yarrow and more

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