CLOSED: Multiplying red bugs

Norristown, PA

Please help these red bugs are everywhere. Can't tell if they are doing damage.
Went to the local big box store no one knew and it was not in the Ortho book.
Tear drop red body with black legs. It doesn't look like the other recent pictures

Thumbnail by rose3071
Norristown, PA

Here is an addtional pic. I couldn't get both to attach the first time.

Thumbnail by rose3071
West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi neighbor (sort of...) they look like Boxelder Bugs, Boisea trivittata:

Did you find them on that Yew? Just curious. At worst they're a big nuisance, not really a pest.

Norristown, PA

hi claypa,

I think you are right . I did a little more searching and found out there are several maples in the yard.they are everywhere. on the garage. on the yew, on the hosta, in the hose box and they were starting to enter the house. It looks like the Sevin did work after all. There are not as many.

A nusiance is a understatement especially when you are hosting a pool party

thank you for the feed back


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