Pole bean help

Westland, MI

Does anyone know what this is? Is it a fungus or some kind of disease? What should I do about it.

We have had a lot of rain. The vines are still growing. These are the bottom leaves, but it seems to be spreading. I got rid of the affected leaves after taking the picture, but I can't continue to do so or there won't be any leaves left and I assume they need the leaves for proper growth.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thumbnail by lena9221
south central, PA(Zone 6b)

This is bean rust (caused by the fungus, Uromyces phaseoli typica). In my gardening experience it has never been serious. Even string bean pods affected are still fine to eat. Some things you can do:

It's made worse by wet conditions. Never disturb plants when wet.

Try not to plant in the same area every year.

Use an environmentally friendly fungicide.

There are some beans sold as "rust resistent."

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