Warning N Texans - Gulf Fritillaries caterpillars are out!

Whitesboro, TX

Went out to get cuttings this morning off my maypop passi & lo & behold the Gulf Fritillary caterpillars are munching it! They only go for the following types of passiflora - P. Incarnata,P.Foetidu & P. Lutea (hope I spelled those right) & if you've never had them before they will munch mostly the top of your plant & should be off it in about a month. Mine got munched so bad last year I thought I lose it but it rebounded & put off the prettiest show till 1st freeze (vines were over 15' long)plus I had probably 100 of them flittering around eating pollen off the blooms for about 2 weeks after that(also found out how butterflies do it - almost busted a gut laughing when my nieghbor's 6 yr old son saw them & started yelling to his mom that "The butterflies are fighting" & she almost died trying to explain what the butterflies where really doing!) . Don't know how to get rid of them & really don't want to - they grow into gorgeous monarch looking butterflies but thought I'd put out the warning that they are here again if you go out & find your lovely vine half - munched & wondering what ate it. Happy Gardening to y'all from N texas

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