Need advice for groundcover for a wet area.

Akron, OH

I need a ground cover for the storm water retention area beside our house. It is in the corner of our subdivision. The 70' x 100' area fills with water when it rains and slowly drains. It does not hold water, but it is frequently very wet. It is not a pond. Someone suggested Chameleon Houttuynia, but there are so many negative comments about the invasiveness and smell that I am afraid to try it. The County mows the area once or twice a year, so it needs to be able to withstand mowing. Right now we have cattails, thistles and weeds. Mosquitoes are also a problem. The sides are very steep and difficult to mow. We are in north-central Ohio, zone 5b. Any advice?

Tallahassee, FL
This is a link to the list of plants recommended for raingardens in Tallahassee Fl. Of course we are in zone 8 but some of these may work in your zone. Maybe there should be a Raingarden Forum. A raingarden, if the term is new to you, is a garden for areas that flood and dry. They are being encouraged here as a way to hold back storm runoff. Tallahassee is 11th or 12th city in the country for the amount of rainfall. You didn't say what the light conditions are where you will be trying to establish groundcover.

Central, ME(Zone 5a)

I have a lot of luck with Ajuga, ( bugleweed) in every part of our garden. I have the bronze and it has beautiful purple flowers. It spreads quickly and we just mow what gets into the grass in our shady areas.

Ashdown, AR(Zone 8a)

mazus repans... I have it growing in front of one of my greenhouses on top of heavy duty weedblock,where a piece broke off potted plant and dropped,it's often in standing water and in another area in the lawn that gets lots of run off water from nursery display area almost on a daily bases. Makes a nice thick mat,stands foot traffic,mowing and blooms heavily in the spring.


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