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Sweet Autumn Clematis, Sweetautumn Virgin's Bower, Japanese Clematis (Clematis t

Indianapolis, IN

This is so beautiful! How many plants are there? Do you cut them down to the ground every year or let them be? Thanks, Karen

West Jefferson, OH

Hi therePiano Lady, Patty from West Jefferson Ohio. I've been looking for this plant for years and didn't know the correct name. In Ohio, mostly Southern Ohio, the folks there call it "Bridal Veil." I have beautiful "Red Manarda" that I'd be glad to send you some runners of, for some of your "Sweet Autumn Clematis." I started with 3 or 4 runners and now have a nice patch next to my front porch. They are about 2 to 2 1/2 feet tall in the picture below. I also have Tia-to, it's a Vietnamese Herb that smells like Anise, it's in seed now. I started with one plant and now I have hundreds. I have found it on line called, "Red Perilla." I have some next to our barn that is over 3 feet tall. I reminds me of Coleas. (I may have mispelled Coleas) Let me know if you have an interest in it and I'll be glad to send a picture of it also.

Thumbnail by MEMAW_PATTY
New Lisbon, WI(Zone 4b)

This clematis is simply lovely... I treasured mine and it was a beautiful backdrop for my son's wedding photos last fall. Unfortunately, it succumbed to our zone 4 unusually brutal winter we had this year. It had lived for about 4-5 years.

Thumbnail by KariGrows

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