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"let see your gardens & flower beds" Part #3

Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Ok Guys, trying to catch up, but Dh is around and looking for attention, so i'll try to be quick but meaninfull!
Cindy your dental thing and all, grrrrrrr, hate dentist, they make me so scary, I hope the surgery with the baby goes ok, keep my fingers crossed! Sorry i did not get to mail your babies, they are ready and waiting though, hopefully by wedsn, ok

Martha, I love your comments about our looks but we are not that great looking you know, just normal, lol, love what you said though, I showed it to the kids and DH, hee, hee!

I think Kim is getting closer, haa, haa, Martha $1.99 here in expensive Nassau County, mnmnmnmn, NOpe, keep guessing, Clemen

Ripley, MS

I will guess 4.99 and also donate to Kim if I win !! I do not grow catcus because of my grands. I don't want them gettiing stuck. I don't like to get stuck either, come to think about it-LOL

Martha I have had lots of the ones ID ed by Paul as Gulf Frittary. I have about 20 of them flying around the long daylily bed by the road every morning. I have only seen a couple of yellow ones though
I don't know much about them, just enjoy watching them fly around

Here is one yellow one I got a picture of but don't know what kind it is.
I have lots of bees and hummingbird moths on my bee balm.

Thumbnail by slcdms
Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

I couldn't possibly address all of the above , but I'm so glad ya'll are having fun. Well, I'm off to Lowes tomorrow. Wonder what I will be looking for :) Clemen thanks for introducing me to the Euphorbia obesa. I love odd plants and that one is a must have. Got too hot today in the yard, so I'm going to go take it easy.

Clemen does your tag have a name on it?

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

It's good news indeed, if Sandra gets many of those G.F. known hostplants are passionflowers. So yes, indeed they're migrating toward us, soon enough. (A concensus from the hummingbird/butterflies forum -- there, in Texas, they begun to find Queens/Mornarches -- hostplants milkweeds), I've seen a few G.F. several weeks back, but I've so many birds and wasps in my very own garden so I can't say for sure not to mention spiders, beneficial bugs to some, deadly to others... It's intriquing to watch mother nature works her mysterious way.

Clemen, I think we're all gave out on the guessing game. Thanks for introducing us to the unique cactus. It's a fun plant. Thanks all for your kind donation. I don't have a thing to reciprocate, thus I'd politely decline.
Happy gardening everyone.

p.s. this pic. is for Debbie; just to see how fast the crinum Milk and Wine flower scape develops. It shot up 4-6 inches over night, and I'd guess it would be fully open by the morning. ^_^

Thumbnail by Lily_love
Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Ha, I knew I saw a tiny scape in the picture yesterday and I forgot to ask you about it. Go girl. I'm so glad you blessed me with some of your pretties. I'm going to enjoy them so much. Good healthy plants.

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Debbie, there was a good article about these very plants (crinums zone 7-11) written by a fellow DGer from Alabama the other day. Did you see it? If not, I've tagged it and will pull it up for you if needed.

Good night everyone, I'm calling the night. Over and out.

p.s. My most fav. tropical hibiscus, a NOID.

Thumbnail by Lily_love
Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Ok, price tag was between Debbie and Kim, But kim does not want her, so who wants her??????????????? Anyone else and I'll do a raffle.......Clemen

Look at this one, it looks like gingerbread people, doesn't it?

Thumbnail by Clemen
Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Ok, Debbie just promise to save me a pup later. lol. Clemen, you're so very kind and generous!
Have a great evening everyone, over and out -- this time furrrrr surrrrreeeee. lol.

Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

I love you all! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Clemen

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

Dang it took me an hour to catch up! This is a flyin thread LOL Ok maybe not that funny, just L!

Clem, I would take your cactus but I have a long hair cat that I don't need her getting tangled up in it, burrs were bad enough LOL

Ok, ok ok I'll take a picture of myself, but my hubby is a lot prettier than I am LOL

Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Crissy where is the pic, I am waiting, and where is everyone tonight?// Anyway I think I have a winner, Drapelady Congrats, a baby fatty peyote catus is on your way, enjoy her!!!!!!!!! love to everyone, can't post pics now I am in my daughters computer, sorry, do not get los southern ladies, Love ya, Clemen

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

The pic is in my other computer and I'm not taking one of myself right now, well, lets see how it would come out... Well, not too bad but I do need a little eye makeup on, then again this is a gardening forum.

Thumbnail by crissyr
Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Crissy, gooooorGEOUS GIRL YOU ARE! dont'be so humble, but i think between my pic and yours we scared everyone, hee, hee, Love you sweetie, keep posting, Clemen

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

Thank you Clem! I posted it in the mug shots too.
Here's hubby Dave Ah better yet!

Thumbnail by crissyr
Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

crissy you look as sweet as your name sounds.

Yeahhh, I'm getting a peyote. I just scrolled up and looked at her picture again Clemen. She's just beautiful. One of these days I'm gonna have the prettiest garden in the world. :)
Thanks to all of my precious friends on DG. Thanks soooooo much Clemen. And a yankee peyote at that. LOL

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

Ah thank you! I'm really a Christine, but Crissy, which is a nickname I used to use when I was a child, was the only thing not taken, and I didn't want to use my cat's name on this website LOL

Thumbnail by crissyr
Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Ahhhhhhh Crissy, beautiful pics of you and DH, he is a keeper alright! hee, hee. So what is your cat's name?
Debbie, I have my peyote cactus in full sun, bring it indoors for the winter. When Spring time comes, he goes out and then blooms.Also there are markings on the body of it and they really show some color when exposed to the sun, no thorns. I will wrapp it up today along with Cindy's purple plant, Have a nice day everyone, Clemen

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

Cat's name is Tiga (Teega) She's so spoiled it is not even funny LOL

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Thumbnail by crissyr
Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

Clemen: the "gingerbread" cactus is so cute!

Crissy, beautiful pictures! Those wedding photos are outstanding! Were they taken on one of the lakes here in Arkansas? True to cat nature, Tiga seems to be overseeing her domain! LOL

I have to take DH to the eye doctor today at UAMSC(Univ. Ark. Medical Sciences Center). DH is blind in one eye and his "good" eye is developing a cataract so we are hoping that they will schedule surgery on the good eye so he can see again.
You "girls" have a good day! I'll be back later.


Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Best of lucks and all the blessing for your hubby's pending procedure Marilyn. Will include him in our daily prayers.
Christine, wonderful pics. of your wedding. Tiga likes Marilyn commented, is king and it shows. lol.

What is that an ice-box?

Booneville, MS

Hope everything goes well today, Marilyn. Maybe they will schedulde his procedure soon.


Nassau County, NY(Zone 7a)

Hi guys, I'm back from being out all day! Just catching up a llttle bit.
Crissy I like Tiga, so cute,
Marilyn, I had to show that pic of the gingerbread cactus, so unique right! Adn Goog luck with hubbie, I hope the surgery is not painfull for him!
Debbie your package went out this morning ok.

So I'll leave you know, need to go make dinner. See you later my friends, Clemen

Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

new thread http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/874924/

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Marilyn how did your DH do in his surgery today? I've checked in to see if you had posted all afternoon. Keeping Yall in my T&Ps!!!

Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Yes Marilyn, how did the surgery go?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I'm unable to get that link to work... *sigh*

Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

It works for me Pat. Go to the MidSouth thingy and click on it there. You have to come over too. And bring some pictures of your project with you please, please.

Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Pat where you able to get there yet? I'll look for you over there. Just say hi so I know you made it.

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