Sweating Calla Lily

Watsontown, PA

For 2 years I've had the same calla lily in a pot on an enclosed patio. It starts growing and looks strong. But it starts having liquid or water droplets on the ends of the leaves then all the leaves wilt. It stayed that way all last year. Never bloomed. I moved it outside (gets a little sun) 2 weeks ago but it still looks pretty bad.
Any ideas or Help?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

The water droplets are probably a phenomenon called guttation, some plants do this and it's a natural thing, it doesn't harm the plant and isn't a sign of a problem. The wilting could just be weather related--my callas are planted outside since they're hardy here, but when the weather gets really hot they do tend to get a little ragged looking and sometimes go pretty much dormant if they get too unhappy with the heat (but they come back when the weather cools off). Mine do best in a mostly shaded area that doesn't really get any direct sun at all, they've managed to stay decent looking through a couple of hot spells, but if you get into an extended period of hot temps or if you have them in more sun then they can get a little stressed. Or it could be a sign of a watering issue, both too much and too little water will cause wilting, so I'd stick your finger down a few inches into the soil and see how things feel--if it's sopping wet you're watering too much and you should cut back, but if it's really dry then you're not watering enough.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

IF you just moved the pot outdoors 2 weeks ago, the plant needs more time to recover from whatever shocked and caused the plant to wilt, they dont like being in a dry atmosphere and like the roots kept fairly damp or they do wilt and get stressed, the sign of so much liquid oozing from the foliage, to me sounds like the growing position, soil and watering is wrong, so the plant makes the roots stop the intake of moisture and this in turn means the plant is stresses and trying to rid itself or more moisture, like us sweating, I would suggest you remove the plant from the pot, shake off all the potting soil and examine the roots and bulbs/tubers, it should feel really plump and firm when you gently squeeze it, if soft and oozes gunge, then your tuber/bulb is rotting and toss it away if you cant split it up into good firm pieces, re-pot the good bits and start again, but give drainage and when you water this time, the plant wont be sitting in too much water, they do like cool damp situations and some shade, but they dont like to sit in water for long periods of time, in pots, mine flower best when the pot is bulging with growth, when I have to re-pot, I just use a slightly larger pot size so the roots dont take too long to refill the pot, I also give them a liquid feed in the growing season every two weeks as there is not a lot of compost in the pot compared to the amount of growth. hope this helps you out, good luck. WeeNel.

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