Mowing, baling, bale prices, land rent?

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Does anyone mow and bale on someone else's land? Or do you have someone that mows and bales on your own?

I'm curious to learn about land rent, crop splitting, etc. For now, I'm only talking about grass hay. I did find a local Ag report giving the cost/prices for mowing, tedding, raking, baling and hauling the bales.

This is my particular situation. The first year I lived here, I priced getting the field bush hogged because it had been uncared for and overgrown for at least 3 years. The best price I found was $65. It was baled and hauled away and I was told it was for his own livestock. For the following two years, he showed up unannounced, mowed and left, came back, tedded and left then came back and baled and left, coming back later to get the bales which I hear were sold for between $80-120.

Now that I have friends here, they are telling me I'm stupid and I should be getting paid by the acre, sharing the crop, etc. My biggest gripe is that he shows up unannounced to do it and is putting big tractor tire ruts in my "lawn area" and not just the field. I've spent a lot of time, money and back breaking work filling in the old ruts and now there are new ones across the front yard and in between gardens. Yes, there is access from the field side.

We've lost some toys in these surprise mowings and also have had to run out in a panic to find kittens, dogs and chickens before they are mowed because we never know when he's coming. I've tried to be nice about it but now I'm getting pretty irked and feel like I'm being taken advantage of. I've pretty much felt like he needed the money more than we did so I've not said anything. That is not the case right now. We do have "no trespassing" signs out and we've never made any deals with this man.

So, am I being taken advantage of? Should I put my foot down? Am I entitled to something out of this, whether it be some of the bales or money for the land used? We are only talking about 5 acres of hay but there are six really nice big round bales sitting out there and I'm getting nothing out of it. I had several people tell me they would send me people that would pay ME to do it but the other guy came before I could get anyone here. I have people offering to buy the bales from me right now but I don't feel right about that either. I plan to talk to him when he comes back but want to make sure I have some information first.

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