Got this Kit and need recipe for lighter tufa

Mesilla Park, NM

got this Goddess mask kit and the Greek God, well, I used the ingredients they supplied in the kit..

The goddess kit had a lot of small lumps and looked like cottage cheese (the small curds)...

then I made the Greek God and his mix did not have any type of lumps, even though they said the mixes contained the same exact thing. she came out smoother than he did..

Well, then I mixed my own PC with crushed perlite, and made two more, they came out okay.. but, the mix started to set really fast and I had to work quickly... It also had more bubbles because I couldn't get them out fast enough before the concrete set.

Does anyone know of a light weight recipe for these molds that leave the face smooth (maybe I need to make the mix more soupy...


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