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Vancouver, WA

hello all, im about to install a wood stove and am looking for advice. the stove i got off of craigslist. the guy was giving it away for free, bought the house and didnt want a wood stove. so i went over and took it down it was still installed. it is a country comfort model cc200. does anybody have any idea were i can get a manual for it or info about it. i can find nothing online, its like it dosent exist. it was made in 6 ,1986. and in fantastic condition. i would like to find out some more info before i embark on this journey. for instance. it has a 6 in exhaust comming from the top, so does that mean the chimney pipe will be 6 inches also inside diameter. hopefully somebody knows more about this stove i got, or can direct me in the correct direction. thank you

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

It sounds like a typical wood stove, but wood stove covers a lot of area. Wood stove can refer to anything from a "chunk" stove to a kitchen range to various type of airtight stoves. There have been a lot of different companies basically making what amounts to a box to burn wood in so there is a good chance that the company is long gone. I also wouldn't be surprised that a manual, other than a one page generic sheet, never existed for this stove.

In my area it would almost universally be hooked to a 6 inch or larger metalbestos chimney or an 8 inch block and tile masonry chimney. That is discounting all the various substandard stove pipe out the window/wall installations.

From the type of questions you are asking it sounds like you've never been around a wood stove in your life. If my assumption is right then you need to do two things. The first is to hire somebody to install the stove for you that knows what they are doing. Try calling your cooperative extension for ideas. I'll try to answer as many questions that I can for you, but you need to find someone that has burned wood to give you some assistance as there are many little things about running a wood stove that are easy to show someone but are much harder to describe. Good luck.

Vancouver, WA

correct, i have never had a wood burning stove, i just know gas prices for my furnance are going up all the time, just trying to cut some cost. im going to get a complete duravent double wall chimney set to run everything with, and loook for some local help. the stove itself lookes easy to operate only one lever to let air inside the tag says high for fully open and low for closed. other than that is has a blower with a dial for the fan to go from high to low. thank you

Salem, OR

did you ever find any info on your county comfort stove. I have one that has a small opening below the bricks which is filled with ash. I can't remove the ash and the stove will no longer burn because of lack of air. do you know how to get to this area to clean the ash out. I've tried a shop vac with an attachment, but it's not removing all the ash. HELP!

Orem, UT

I have a County Comfort - wood burning insert - the damper is broken, I think the hook came off and it won't open the damper, I am trying to find someone in Utah that can repair it, I found out the original company went out of business. I bought the insert in 1990 - I really like it. Help

Santa Cruz, CA

I know this thread is old, but this information is important. Do not install a wood stove that was manufactured before 1990. The new efficiency standards were put in place by the EPA during 1990. A more modern stove will burn cleaner and your wood will last longer.

Smoke is harmful to your health, and the newer stoves are built with secondary burn technologies that will burn the smoke before it leaves your stove. This secondary burning provides more heat for you and reduces the toxins that you or your neighbors would end up breathing.

Besides all this, it is illegal to install a pre-1990 wood stove.

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Challis, ID

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