Transplanted city girl saves rat snake (twice.)

Woodstock, NY(Zone 5b)

Twice in one week this 4 foot black rat snake tried to get at something under my cottage. Unfortunately the mesh I use to keep things out is not snake friendly and I must change it. I must admit I was terrified but I threw a cloth over the snake's head and held it firmly while I cut the mesh off of his body. Of course I had to scream and hop a few times as he moved and squirmed. The second time, I found him immobilized at a different side of the cottage I just had to go to the house to get my camera and a sharper scissor. Once he was freed the second time, the suicidal snake hied it out of there faster than I have ever seen a snake move. It's been a few days and he's not been back. Although there is now easy access to the underside of the cottage on one side.

I did not grow up in the country but I have lived her now for 12 years and every year I get braver (as long as I have a good pair of garden gloves on. ) Hehe.

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Essex Junction, VT(Zone 4a)

Its a beauty. Good for you for being brave!

Vicksburg, MS(Zone 8a)

Someone else on DG just had that same problem, except one of their snakes died. They needed the mesh to keep dogs out of the flowerbed. They fixed the problem by raising the mesh a few inches off the ground so there would be clearance for the snakes.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)


Good for you! I'm sure I'd let out a few screams too!!

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

rat snakes are actually good to have around. they eat mice, rats, frogs, bugs, etc. all things that we don't want around our house and that do damage far worses than a rat snake.
Except for most Poole's "fear factor" they would be sought after as house mascots, I think.

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

Good job Terri. Like you, I'm a 'transplant to country' for 12 years and have had many critter adventures, some of which included snakes. And you have to 'brave up' when you're out here. Even though I fully support the snakes, I've been known to squeal (and jump around) like the girl I once was when surprised by one.

(Rosie) Belturbet, Ireland

Nice one Terri. Well I'm a country girl but must admit to a few phobias - who said you had to positively adore every single creature that inhabits the planet? I don't mind them inhabiting it, I just wish they wouldn't get quite so close. It's the creatures of the night I particularly detest. You know, those ones with long flappy wings and legs that fall off when you go to put them outside - crane flies - don't know if you have them in your neck of the woods? You can hear them making this soft tapping noise just after you switch off the lights at bedtime - and you know - you just know they are lurking somewhere waiting to fall on you from a great height - usually onto your face but even worse - into your hair - getting tangled up and making a panicky buzzing noise in your ear as they try to free themselves ....YYYEEEEUUUKKK! They're digusting.
OK, so now you know. I'm a coward. Give me a snake any day.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a) are too funny, and I am still laughing and agreeing ;-0)

(Rosie) Belturbet, Ireland

We phobics gotta find an outlet somehow Birdie :-)) I'm Rosie BTW and a newbie - great place to find yourself at DG's

Woodstock, NY(Zone 5b)

roseimp....sounds like my nightmares. LOL

(Rosie) Belturbet, Ireland

Terri, I can't be much of a gardener then if I can't stand creepy crawlies lol.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

Welcome to DG. You will find many special people here in addition to the vast wealth of information on almost any subject imaginable. I hope to see your posts around, and do hope you enjoy your membership!
--Sheri / BirdieBlue ( cause some Bluebirds nested right on my back porch this year and I got to see them grow up close and personal and absolutely am a BB addict now!!)

(Rosie) Belturbet, Ireland

Thanks for the welcome Sheri, I have made a few friends already and am really enjoying myself. Its great to be able to swap ideas and experiences with people from all over the world.
There is such a wealth of wild birds in Ireland but I'm ashamed to say that I can't recognise many of them. I came from the UK two years ago where birds are getting a pretty poor time of it. Loss of habitats mainy. Two days ago a robin came and dive bombed me - my neighbour usually feeds them and she was away on holiday so I guess it was asking me for food - I love those cheeky robins.

Norwalk, CT

Old thread but I thought I would correct the ID. This is a Northern Black Racer (Coluber c. constrictor)

Lula, GA(Zone 7b)

Hi Mike, thanks for the update.

Lecanto, FL(Zone 9a)

I'm gonna have to get rid of that netting. It's not even good for my blueberries 'cause the cardinals can pick the berries thru it and get around it. I also use it to keep the heron from getting my koi and I have to hang things from it so the birds don't break their neck flying into it. My dog even waked into it at first.
And if I have to cut loose a snake I'm just gonna die.

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