Best plant for a bathroom with no window?

Charlotte, NC

I would like to put a houseplant in my bathroom, but there are no windows.
I am not sure what to try.

Something small that can sit on a shelf and perhaps something bigger that can sit on the floor.

Any recomendations?

Winter Springs, FL

All plants need some sort of lighting during the day. Will you be leaving a light on at all? You may try one of those ZZ plants. They can tolerate pretty low light and like to stay on the dry side.

(GayLynn) Appleton, WI(Zone 5a)

I have had success with "mothers-in-law tongue" aka snake plant in a bathroom. They tolerate low light and also need very little water.

Charlotte, NC

I went to the grocery store after posting this thread and they had lots of plants for only 99 cents. I got a peace lilly, (the tag says low light) and a philodendron (also says low light)
and an unknown plant that I don't recognize (I am entirely new at plants) so I put it by the windowsill.

I hope the peace lilly and the philodendron do okay in there.

Winter Springs, FL

Yes, good luck with them

Saint Louis, MO

If you have no supplemental lighting (fluorescent fixture, maybe), the plant will not survive. The mother-in-laws tongue will last longer than the peace lily, but eventually it will become weak and topple over. If you have access to 99 cent plants all the time, you could just replace them when they start to dwindle, and you don't have to worry about providing necessary light. Off the subject might want to let the water for the peace lily sit out in an open container overnight to let the chlorine evaporate. They are very suseptible to chlorine and fluoride damage.

Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)

I am dead serious when I say that silk flowers or plants might be your best choice here.
If you insist on living plants, have three or four, and rotate them in and out. Keep the reserve plants in decent light- whatever is appropriate for the plant. Malls and large businesses have companies do that for them. As for leaving on a light just for the plants, I myself would find it hard to justify using the extra electricity just for that.

Medford, NJ

I agree with the rotation thing mentioned above, that is the only way you can have real plants that will have a chance of surviving. I would not have the heart myself to buy plants only to throw them away when they decline and replace them with new, but alot of people do that all the time - so mean!!

Charlotte, NC

I have another peace lilly, and I am goign to rotate them.

Although, oddly enough the plants in the bathroom are doing better than the original.

All my flowers have browned and I keep having to trim them off. I guess when the ones in the bathroom look like they are suffering I will switch them for a week or so.

Minneapolis, MN

I've had luck with a Pothos, Nephythytis and Baby Tears in my bathroom. I almost have no windows, but there is a small one in the shower. When I remember I pull back the shower curtain to let some light in but it is definately not alot!


we need some pictures,i have a plant 8 inches high with nothing but big oblong leaves lite green in centre and darker on the outside.healthy as a horse (was given to me) they didnt have a name either.any suggestions. thanks. [email protected]

Ellendale, DE(Zone 7a)

I agree: Light is a must. I like to take my humidity-loving plants into the bathroom with me when I take a shower, then when I leave the shower stall, I put the plants in and close the curtain on them for a half-hour.

Sometime later, though, I must put them back on their southern-facing windowsill or near a source of light since my bathroom is also dark.

I am fortunate to have my own well and do not have treated water. It's straight from the water table.

For those who have treated (city or municipal) water, the advice to let it sit awhile for evaporation of harmful substances seems solid.

In summary, it's a great idea, but you need light in the bathroom for the long-term; otherwise, just bring the plants in there for an occasionaly humidity treatment and take them back out again afterward.

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