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Unknown Rhododendrons in zone 5... Please help!

Hartford, WI(Zone 5a)

Bought a house last year that came with two rhododendrons. One is a magenta colour with spots inside the flower that is completely unscented. It blooms in mid-spring. PIctures:

Thumbnail by phoenixwomyn
Hartford, WI(Zone 5a)


Thumbnail by phoenixwomyn
Hartford, WI(Zone 5a)

The second one bloomed in late spring, is a very pretty orange, and smells very nicely. I realise both plants look rather badly-off, the first looks to have salt burn, and the other was definitely in need of some TLC. They both look much happier now that their soils have been amended and they have been given some MirAcid, but i'm still wondering what their names are!

Thanks for any & all help!


Thumbnail by phoenixwomyn
Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Well, sorry I do not have an answer but the colors are very nice. Try to see if there are azaleas with the names Wow and Nice out there! :o)

If that does not help, check out this search database:

Saugatuck, MI

I'm a new member hence this late reply, but I just came upon your post.
The orange flower definitely looks like an azalea to me. I have a yellow one like it. I live next door to and yellow rodos aren't real common. She has been trying to grow some but they aren't as hardy. You could check out her website. Has alot of photos.

Winnetka, IL

The orange one looks like a Northern Lights series, like 'Spicy Lights', or perhaps an Weston hybrid, like 'Weston's Golden Showers'. However, they usually bloom late: mine are just finishing. Maybe an Exbury hybrid, or a viscosum? Maybe even 'Gibraltar, except its flowers are really orange orange. There are soooo many deciduous azaleas out there!

St. John's, NL(Zone 5b)

Late in responding but I expect the red rhodo is Nova is pretty much the only hardy 'red' rhody in zone 5.

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