February 13, 2001 Journal

Kennedy, NY(Zone 4a)

I'm still not starting seeds yet. (sigh) Found out that a very dear person who offered me some Abutilion sent it out yesterday... ah, I'm so happy. I found a great source for some unusual poppies that I need to get my hands on. A beautiful black peony and white peony poppy, called Black Cloud, and White Cloud. Time to save up my pennies... 3 bucks a pack, but well worth it in my opinion. Hoping to use the large garden this year, gonna plant about a bazillion different varieties of poppies. Well, it's about 33* out, and sunny for a change, but still no where's near planting time... not for 2 months... have a great day everyone!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

hey everyone,
Cloudy dreary day here! cold too! We are suppose to be getting another winter mess tomorrow+! (THINK SPRING)
I have some new lil seedlings up, and I went and got my valentines present yesterday-passion vine!=] It has tons of new growth and little budz-they let them get kinda kewl, so they stopped flowering! Im warming that baby up! Brought my radar luv clematis in and its budding-he looked so cold and dead in the garage-I didnt know if he was alive! guess so ;]
Nepthys I liked those black clouds poppies also-I have other kinds i cant wait to start this year! They had another
black flower in one of the catalogs-maybe nemophila-it was pretty too. Id like to do a small garden in those colors.
Everyone have a great day and be GOOD! LOL

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