Kayak or canoe for a lady

Zion, IL(Zone 5a)

I am lady who enjoys spending time on the water and thinking of getting one or the other..
I am 5 ft 0 in and weight 107lbs..I'll be going out on my own and wondering which would be better for me to handle..
I own a kia rio right now but might get something bigger next year..
any help would be useful..

Cape May, NJ

I'm a 37 yr old women and have a good amount of experience with both kayaks and canoes. In my opinon a kayak would be the way to go. Perception Kayaks just came out with a new kayak (sit inside/cockpit style) made just for women. It weighs about 35lbs., I believe it's 10ft and would be perfect for a women your size. It would be easy for you to handle alone getting it on and off your car. I'm not sure of the name of the kayak but go to the Perception kayak website... it should be listed. Where would you be boating? (River, lake, etc.)

Cape May, NJ

The kayak is called the Tribute and it weighs just under 40lbs. and is 12 ft. long. Seems like a great boat. If i paddle one soon I'll let you know how it rides.

Kalispell, MT(Zone 4b)

I too think kayak. The type of water you paddle makes the choice much simpler. But as my DW found out the weight is also critical and size to fit on or in the hauling vehicle.

Bend, OR(Zone 4b)

I have both, and definitely prefer the kayak. If you can handle the extra weight, I'd recommend a sea kayak with a rudder. It allows you to put your energy into moving forward, and the foot pedals (attached to the rudder via cables) take care of the direction. Very handy, especially in windy conditions.

Duncanville, TX

I have a small fishing kayak good for flat water and up to class 3 rapids. I also have a solo canoe. Overall, I prefer the kayak. In my experience a woman's weight distribution makes us quite stable in a kayak and the low profile makes a kayak easier to handle in wind. I used to have a sea kayak with a deep keel that made it track well but I don't know if they make such a design any more. I miss that boat. The canoe is fun on leisurely rivers but I am giving it to my son who is a born paddler. I found a smaller vehicle easier to transport boats than a taller one. There are accessories that make transporting a boat easier, such as rooftop rollers and things that look like wheels for golf bags except they are for boats.

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