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FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Just posted a fun little handainted ceramic plaque in the marketplace. Thought I'd see what happens. I think plants do better than this kind of stuff, but what the heck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

New pics on Flickr. The light the other night at dusk was awesome. Everything was glowing and I went for closeups![email protected]/?saved=1
Guess I better get back to work now eh?


(Zone 9b)

Morning everyone! IT IS FRIDAY, date night. I always look forward to Fridays. Though I am so mad at my husband today. Last night a man comes to our front door. My husband talks to him and he wants a donation to some clean water grass roots organization. My husband then walks down the hall past my office to get his wallet. I go out to the living room. He has left the front door wide open with this stranger standing there. I went to the door and said sorry but you are a stranger and shut the door and locked it. LOL I really did.

I then went and told my husband NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS. Not to give money to strangers that come to the door and not to walk away from the open door and room when a stranger is standing there. He got so mad at me. I got mad back. I told him he put my life in danger too. He actually said he was here to protect me and I said how can you protect me if you are down the hall??? He is adament that I am nuts.

Good luck on the Marketplace, Juanita. I keep forgetting to look at what is for sale. Your frog is so cute. I love your Flickr pics, esp Wine Country. I have never seen that one before!

Brin, just bring something like a bat to make a lot of noise and movement in the snake garden before you start playing in it. All the snakes will run!

I never said how many olives to take. My friend eats just 1 clove everyday. You really should be taking fish oil. I take MegaRed. They are small and supposedly 3x better than regular fish oil. It will help all sorts of innards.

Here is a pic I took yesterday when I got home. Isn't it the prettiest bougainvillea?

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West Central, FL(Zone 9b)

That is a pretty Bougie!!!!
You are right about the incident you mentioned and the door. There are some bad people out there these days, and you never know.Things can happen really quick.

Just down the street from my DS a man answered his door on super bowl Sunday.He was shot dead and had his wallet and car keys stolen, the car was taken. His wife was at home, but was out back in her studio. She never heard a thing cause she was playing music.
I know it's a horrible thing to post here on this happy thread, but it is important to be cautious. The police haven't caught the guy yet. It is not a neighborhood where these things happen much either. It was the biggest, nicest house on the block .That's why it was probably chosen.

(Zone 9b)

Oh my Michelle. I told him all sorts of things can happen and he got mad. He said nothing would happen in this neighborhood. I am going to show him your post. He is always oblivious to any danger. I won't even answer the door to a stranger. They just want money anyway. He always opens the door. I get mad at him for that too. Once the door is open and if they have a gun, that is the end.

Thanks for asking about my leg. It is still bad. The doctor said it would take at least 6 weeks. It is so red, swollen, so lumpy and so hard. I can now stand on it though and not be in agony so that is so much better.

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Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Man that bougie is so pretty!! I want to add a peach/apricot one but don't know which would do well, I don't see many of that color around so always wonder if they just don't do good or bloom enough.
Love that Dappled Apple Kell, where from and which nurseries did you hit? What is the good succulent one? I have yet to get to Lone Pine.

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)


I love the Dipt in Wine too. It always looks good no matter where you put it.


Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)

My Rosy Gardens (?) Dipt in Wine burned up, but I'm not in CA or VA.


Stockholm, Sweden

So sorry to hear, James, I can tell you they would never burn in Stockholm! They'll probably freeze to death instead. Last week we had one night that almost got to 7 Celsius, that'n not much above my worst coleus fear - freeze....

This is not normal in July, not even here. We also had a minor tornado (strong enough to lift cars) in Sweden this summer, this is extremely rare too.

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Kell, You can tell DH that it CAN and Will Happen even in the best of neighborhoods.
We live in a very small town, its so small we share the one horse.(lol) Earlier this year.
at 3am in the morning we hear someone banging on the door, now that is not that uncommon my husband is known for his helping friends and neighbors in the middle of the night. he opens the door to find a very bloody young man, who at first thought had been in a car accident.
Because it takes 20 plus minutes for emergency personal to get to us, DH loaded him up in the truck and headed to the hospital, about half way there he discovers that the young man has been SHOT six times, and that another young man my son goes to school, has been KILLED less than a quarter mile from our home and that the young man took off running and the killers where looking for him, and here son and I outside waiting for DH to come home (he didn't take the cell because he was in such a huury) and had no idea what was going on, untill he came flying into the yard.

And to make matters worse, the local news tells the whole viewing area WHO took him to the ER.
So you can imagine the insecurity we had goiing on for some time, to kind of give you an idea of the neighborhood before, In the 20 years Dh or I have been in this house, the only time the door was locked (day or night) was when we went on vacations.

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Pheadra that is a terrible story. There is no where on the planet that is safe anymore. I'm convinced of it. Even at my advanced age I'm still sort of trusting and I know that is going to get me in trouble one of these days.

Speaking of advanced age (I know Brinda doesn't want to go there), I have a funny story from yesterday. We were talking earlier of having those brain dead hormonal moments. Well yesterday was mowing day in my little landscaping business. We have 7 yards to do in one day. No big deal except that it was really hot and by the time I got to the last place, my brain was pretty well steamed. I unload the big mower from the trailer and get it positioned for my first pass in the yard. Pump up the throttle and engage the mower. Make a pass the whole perimeter of the place. Something doesn't look right. Make another pass. Nothing. Finally I realize that I never lowered the height adjustment from transport mode and didn't have the deflector down. My partner, who's 74 looks at me and says " Did you decide to take the mower out for a ride?". Could have smacked him. :0).

Here's a picture of my Tahitian Bridal Veil. It is gorgeous right now.


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Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Oh I can so beat that, Brain freeze. I had a terrible and very witnessed episode today.
When it was time to leave the wonderful world of work today, I said goodbye to everyone gathered my stuff and headed out the door, I got in the truck, headed to "lunch" couldn't figure out why I wasn't hungery, so I seattled on a large fry and soda from mickey'ds, I drive back to WORK, get out go BACK inside, head right back to work where no less than, 6 associates ask me if I had forgotten something. HUH, the BRAIN did not kick in untill, one of them said and I quote " Geez! Pheadra if you didn't want to go home you could have worked for me" needless to say me and my fries came home.....I need a nap/....LOL

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

oh and I love the photo, I wish mine looked that good...

West Central, FL(Zone 9b)

Beautiful planter and plant!

Dh is convinced I am a total air head these!

Alexandria, OH(Zone 5b)

Dale & Alice,

Brinda is correct. Dappled Apple and Emerald & Snow are two different plants. DA came from here about 6 year ago and Proven Winners picked it up. I'm not sure where E&S came from but I know Flower Fields offers it. Here are some pics.

Dappled Apple

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FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Oh that for sure beats me Pheadra!! Thanks for making me feel better.


Alexandria, OH(Zone 5b)

Emerald & Snow

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Stockholm, Sweden

thank you so much for helping us (and thanks to Brinda too). These are nice photos but to me they still look so similar.... I wonder how you're able to see who is who? Are there any significant differences in leaf shape, leaf patterns, growth habit, size, colors...etc.?

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Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Emerald & Snow seems to have cream in it which Dappled Apple doesn't have.
I'll take one of each! ^_^

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Oh Kell, is Tom speaking to you again? LOL

Anymore, I trust absolutely not one single person that comes to my door that I don't know. We live in a quiet suburb of OKC and rarely is there crime around here. Back in the winter of 2006, the week right before Christmas, Allan came home one evening from work and when he came in he didn't close the front door all the way... he left it open about 8" or so. He then went to the bedroom to change clothes and I walked back to the bedroom to talk to him. Braden was in his room and after about 10 minutes after Allan got home the doorbell rang. Braden's room is closer to the door than my room so Braden was about 6 steps ahead of me going down the hall. When he got into the living room there were 2 boys, around the age of 15 standing in our house. They had opened the door and come into the house and I have no clue if they came in before they rang the doorbell or not. Anyway, I walked over to the door as one of the kids was asking me if I wanted a subscription to an OKC newspaper and I said, "No I do not and you need to leave". That same kid stepped toward me and got in my face and asked me again in a very condescending voice if I wanted a subscription. Again, I said no and told them to leave. That same scenario happened 4 times before they finally backed out onto the front porch. The bigger kid had a very smart mouth and asked me once again if I wanted to buy a subscription. Then I said no again, he pretended to fall backwards and started screaming that he was hurt. I then yelled "ALLAN" in a very desperate voice and when I did that they took off running. Of course Allan comes running down the hall as I'm screaming at him what these boys had done. He takes off after them and finds them hiding behind a neighbor's house. He tells them to come with him as I was calling the police. I was on the phone with the police when a big white van pulled up and the boys ran to the van and jumped in. Allan told the van driver that there had been an incident at our house and I was on the phone with the police and they needed to stay here til the police got here. Well, that wasn't happening ... the van driver took off but luckily the police were on their way and stopped them before they got out of the addition. To make a long story short... the stupid officer let them go and came to our house to take our side of the story. (Unbelievable) Anyway, when he got here he was asking what happened and I explained it to him and told him about the boys running off and that Allan had gone after them. And that idiot of an officer had the nerve to turn to Allan and ask him 'if he hurt the boys'! PLEASE! Allan told him no that he hadn't laid a hand on them and if he would have he would have kicked their a**! Anyway, story over... I called the newspaper and complained... they acted like it wasn't a big deal at all.... but said they would look into it... I asked them to get back with me... NOPE, never did! Sheesh!!! Moral of the story... KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED!

Well, I intended to comment on your Dappled Apple, Chris! It is just outstanding! I have Emerald & Snow this year and it's really pretty but I must say that all the pics that I've seen of Dappled Apple look so much nicer. I think it will have to be on my 'must have list' for next year.

Oh Pheadra... I think you need a vacation! Who would go 'back to work'? LOL Maybe you need some coleus? That's how Kell makes herself fell better. Go to the nursery and enjoy yourself.

Well, it's that time of year that it's so warm that even the pool water is not refreshing. We've had such high humidity that it keeps the pool water really warm all night. I waited til Allan got home today before I got in for a swim. I had to make sure he checked the skimmers for snakes. LOL I'm afraid I would have had a heart attack and died out there in the pool had I been swimming alone and a snake came slithering by.

Kell, the snake saga? Well... I did water that bed today but I did it with great caution. And this morning when I went to turn on the pool filter, it dawned on me that the pool filter is only a few feet away from where the snake(lizard?) was yesterday. Then I got to thinking that the area where the filter is, is so full of this & that and a bunch of junk too that we probably have a momma & daddy snake residing under all that junk and they're making babies. Wouldn't that be great?

Well, I just ran in the house for a few minutes and got sidetracked on the computer. LOL I'm sure Allan has given up on the drink that I came in to fix him. But I'll bet you that he knows exactly why it's taking me so long too. LOL

Hi SusieQ!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)


Dappled Apple has leaves that are more narrowly pointed, E&S leaves are more rounded. The color of the leaves under daylight ??

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Portland, TX(Zone 9a)

Well I too live in a small town that supposedly never has crime, but a couple of years ago a 15 year old girl had a guy ring her doorbell shortly after her mother left for work. She didn't allow him in but did open the door a little and was going to make a phone call for him. He forced his way in, raped and beat her up. Never got caught either that I know of.

(Zone 9b)


We are going to Napa soon for a lobster dinner at Mumms Napa. All you can eat! LOL I have no clue what to wear.

Poor James. It must be so frustrating to love coleus and have them dislike your yard so much. Or I guess really your weather! You have really tried! Alice, we can get into the 50s here at night but my coleus seem to do well until it goes below 50 then they just collapse.

Juanita, that is a the biggest Bridal Veil I have ever seen!

Oh Brin, I can't imagine swimming with snakes. What if is a swimmer? I hope it is not poisonous. Is there a snake catcher kind of animal pet you can get or borrow? Or a snake trap you could put out there? I have always wanted a pet snake if it was a friendly kind, and colorful!

I told Tom all your stories and all I got was a glare in return. Guys are so funny. He HEMAN! Pheadra, I am so glad your family was OK! That must have been so scary! You know I so feel for you going back to work. It sounds like a Kelley oopsado! Oh Patti, how devastating for that 15 yea rold. A nightmare that will last her life.

Sue, I am trying to picture an apricot bougie. My favorite is Orange King but it may have too much PINK in it for you. There is a whole new line out of mini bougies. I think there is a orangey one in that line. I will look.

I am trying to remember the succulents at Lone Pine. I was not as into them when I have been there. I went to Sloats in Marin though this time I was not as impressed. Shoot!

Orange King

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Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

Well it is all over and I am back. Glad to see evereyone posting and I will never get caught up so I will just start here. LOL
Bought a new computer and have been two days just getting it running up to speed and everything I could put on it.

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West Central, FL(Zone 9b)

What a sweet picture! Glad to see you posting again.

Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Ted what a pretty lady. Bless your heart. We are so glad you are back and have a new computer too.
Kell, eat some lobster for me. I'm getting the garlic olives tomorrow. Do Tom and Allen eat those olives stuffed with garlic too or does everyone sleep alone? LOL
I guess you can tell I'm at home on Saturday night again.
It has been hot here today and part of my giddy-up-go equipment isn't!
So I am in the house and now it's raining. We had 2+ inches Thursday.
I also want to welcome James. It's so nice to have a name to call you by.
When it comes to folks coming to the door I take a rather aggressive approach. I learned it from Miss Tucker a grumpy spinster in my neighborhood. She had a Back Cherry tree and we wanted those cherries more than life it's self.
She was visibly Crazzzy! LOL
She had not a single blade of grass nor weeds in her yard.
She had a double barreled shot gun and she let rip if she caught you in her yard. Never killed anyone or put an eye out. I was one who let her be. Anyhow if you rang her doorbell you could hear her long before she got there. I ease to the front door and holler "Who is it?" if I don't recognize them. After that Henry is always in attack mode. If I have to get something I close and lock the door.
I never invite folks in and haven't advertised that the big guy isn't here anymore. I always step out on the porch to talk to folks.
God has watched over me all these years, so I am trying to lighten his load by being safe instead of sorry.
Keep your car locked. The easy to open ones are often the only ones robbed. I have a "Popcorn can" in my car and keep extra plastic grocery bags so it's like a travel refuse can.
I hate purses. They hurt my shoulders and I rarely carry one.
I had been to a purse affair and then went to a HD or somewhere I wanted to be purseless. My purse went right in that clean can and the lid went on. Now I often put my camera and other goodies in there out of sight.
Please don't send that hint to Heloise.
I love these evening rains.
Did I show you the path that Collier made?

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Well sad news to report. All of the garden centers have informed me that this is considered a annual for my area. They said if I was further south then I would be ok, but this close to the snow belt and the temps we get during the winter usually ends up not good for the these plants.

So it looks like I won't be purchasing any more as I hate to see money only last for one season... I'm really a die hard perennial person.


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Oh Janet,
When I dress I buy really good basic things to last a long time. Then I buy less expensive "touches".
Go to Baker's next Spring and get some 'Jewels' to spread around your yard, or some of us will send you some.
I think they are too pretty to go without.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


Maybe your are right. I'll just start earlier next year and get a few, as they really are rather lovely. Plus I didn't know they flowered. Today I saw a lot of different ones and they all were flowering, the garden center said it was because of the heat we are having right now.



Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)


Flowers are NOT a good thing on coleus. Once it flowers, if the flowers are left to bloom, it signals the plant to go to seed and then it dies. I've been known to walk through the plants at Home Depot, etc. and pinch those flowers right off the plants with no intentions of buying them. Surreptitiously, of course.

We'll all hook you up with some cuttings to get you by for the rest of this year. The only way you can overwinter them though is to root some cuttings BEFORE IT GETS COLD, and bring them in a warm place.


West Central, FL(Zone 9b)

How abou this....You send us southerners cuttings of your plants...we will keep them going this winter and then you can have some back next spring?

Rankin, IL(Zone 5a)

WOW.. I did not know that about the flowers and have been so happy about mine going to seed.... how late is too late to clip off those flowers?

Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)

If your plant (thinks it has) set seed and has died happily, it's too late. Plants live to reproduce. Otherwise, pinch them off TODAY.

(Zone 9b)

What a great picture of your Mom Ted. 95 is amazing. I am hoping you are doing alright.

Sidney, are you feel better? I hope so. I do not carry a handbag either. It can can put my back out having weight so unevenly distributed. I need to carry 2! LOL Tom will not eat an olive. He hates them.

Janet, as soon the temps drop to below 50, my coleus fade. But they can set seed and then next year you can get them all over. I never have but I usually do not let them set seed. I think I will this fall though after seeing the beauties Cathy grew.

We had a great time last night. I ate 3 lobsters (I forced myself to eat the 3rd one just for Sidney) and they looked like they were each over a pound. They had the dinner right in the vineyard at Mumms with grapes vines on each side of us. They served lots of champagne. DVX! They had a movie screen setup and had the movie Grease and you could watch it under the stars sipping champagne and eating just popped popcorn and even candy. It was such a gorgeous evening.

I took these pics facing the last of the sun so a bit washed out.

Thumbnail by Kell
(Zone 9b)

They had us stand away from the table then came and poured the food out of huge pots down the center. They served lobsters, lots of shrimp, potatoes, artichokes, ears of corn, hot sausage and the best huge garlic heads. I kept squeezing out the warm creamy garlic in big piles onto the sour dough bread. No wonder I have been up since 3 with indigestion. LOL. I ate 2 huge heads of garlic and would do it again! YUM YUM GOOD!

No plates, no forks or knives, just lobster crackers. We all got huge bibs. And then ate everything with our fingers. It was so messy! But so good.

Thumbnail by Kell
South Venice, FL(Zone 9b)

OMG Kell, that looks so good! 3 whole lobsters is my record in one sitting too. Those pictures remind me of the wonderful lobster and clam boils we had in MA, how I miss them!
Thanks for the tasty walk down memory lane!


Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Hi Sweet Ted! Welcome back, you've been missed! I love that pic of your Sweet DM and I really love the cake too! Still Rockin, and she looks so beautiful.

Oh Sidney, I had eaten one garlic stuffed olive when Allan came home and when he got near me you could tell by the look on his face that it wasn't good. LOL Yes, Allan eats the garlic olives... he knows that's the only way he can stand to be around me.

Wow Kell!!! That looks like some serious food. And that place is just beautiful.

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

Happy Sunday,

Taking a forced rest today. I seem to be encountering some of Sidney's difficulty and when I sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor last night and cried for 15 minutes, my DH didn't have a clue. Hate when that happens. The crying thing I mean. :0) DH never has a clue so that isn't unique. :0)


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Newport News, VA(Zone 11)


DH never has a clue so that isn't unique. :0)

LOL! Hope you are feeling better soon. Sidney has a cure she might share.

Port Vincent, LA(Zone 8b)

Hi ya'll. I wasn't sure if you had seen the cutting swap thread. Here's the link.

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