red corn silk in luscious corn

Santa Monica, CA

My luscious corn is doing great. Almost nine feet tall. The tassels look healthy. But the corn silk instead of being that yummy yellow is very red/ reddish purple in color. Could this be a deficiency in the soil? Phosphorous perhaps? I'd appreciate any feedback. I live in southern california and it's the first time I've grown corn. WIll this affect the ears and is there anything I could do to help. I love my corn plants!!

Southern Mountains, GA(Zone 6b)

corn silk can vary in color depending on the variety of corn. No worries, it's just the color it's supposed to be.

Santa Monica, CA

thank you Roseone. I sure hope you are right. I feel like an anxious parent!!

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

She is!

Thumbnail by Farmerdill
Santa Monica, CA

That is funny Farmerdill. That is the EXACT color of the sik on my plants. I take it you are not the least bit worried!!!

Mountain Home, AR

Another corn novice here, when is the corn ready to pick? I have some red silk too, figured it was just a different kind because I planted a couple different seeds. The ears are getting big and the silks are getting darker but I'm not sure what the ready sign is? Help. Thanks, Nanadee

Augusta, GA(Zone 8a)

The initial indicator is the drying of the silks. Some cultivars are ready when the silks are completely dry, others when they are mostly dry. When the silks are dry almost up to the ear, feel the ear, it should feel filled out to the end, When in doubt, gently open the end of one ear and peek in. In short time you will be an expert at judgeing the optimum picking time for your variety.

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