'Land' plants in the pond?

Northern Piedmont, NC(Zone 7b)

I was just looking over my seed list to see if there might be a few plants that would be happy growing in the pond.

I've had good luck with plain old canna and impatiens. The pond is surrounded by large pines and gets sun off/on during the day. The cannas bloomed beautifully and the impatiens did great planted bare-rooted in the rocks at the edge of the falls. Also tried a couple of houseplants....Peace lily and Nephthytis. They did great in the filtered sunlight and the Peace lily even bloomed!

So, what 'land' plants have you tried in your ponds?

(Zone 6a)

We had a Yellow King Humbert canna and a Pretoria canna in the pond. I experimented with a pink calla lily and it flourished and bloomed all summer. I did have some impatients around the edge, but when the water level got too low, they perished! Didn't have much luck with lobelia cardinalis, but I don't think I had it deep enough to keep it's feet wet. My experiment this summer will be caladiums. There are some newer varieties that will stand full sun if their feet stay wet. I got some Mexican petunias in trade this fall, and am going to try some of those as well. I may try my peace lily too; it can't look any worse out there than it does in my house right now! This plant was a gift to my in-lawss eight years ago. I have managed to keep it alive, but it sure looks straggly right now!

Just got a "Brent and Becky's Bulbs" catalog, and they listed Alocasia, Caladium, Canna, Colocasia, Hedychium, Hymenocallis, Oxalis, Schizosotylis and the aethiopica types of Zantedeschia as pond friendly. I can't pronounce half of these, let alone know what they are! :)

Happy Ponding!

Becky G.

Oh, and I'm on the search for Mosaic plant........hard to find, but worth the wait!

Northern Piedmont, NC(Zone 7b)

Becky, I used to kill every peace lily I touched. Then I read somewhere that they liked lots of water. So, I invested in two beautiful ones, put deep saucers under the pots and keep them filled with water.. So far, after 3 yrs., they have flourished and bloomed off and all all year. The one I brought inside from the pond is planted in one of those 'aquatic' pots with pea gravel and sitting in it's own pot of water doing great.


Cape May Court House, NJ(Zone 7a)

bilbo,I know i just saw that mosaic water plant in one of my new watergarden cataogs. When I saw it I fell in love, It is BEAUTIFUL. I can't locate the catalog right now but I will,and I will get back to you. I did however find it on the website www.daydreamergardens.com I did have one of their catalogs so I will dig it too. I put zebra grass and lobelia in my pond even though they are really considered land plants!

(Zone 6a)

I got a mosaic from Daydreamer's last summer. It took awhile as they were on back-order, and had to be put in a warm pond (mid-summer). It grew nicely, then I noticed that the fish were enjoying it as much as I was! Sadly, I could not get it to a place in the pond where the fish would leave it alone, but this year I have made plans! I will order one again from Daydreamer's!

Becky G.

Crofton, MD(Zone 7a)

I had good luck with False Spirea (Astilbe) in the pond last year. This year I want to try a Chameleon Plant(Houttuynia cordata variegata). I had it in my hand last year and changed my mind at the last minute. It is a varigated vine type plant and if you crush a leaf between your fingers it releases a strong odor. It's just an interesting water/land plant.

I don't know about trying the mosaic plant again. My fish gobble it up and it is a fairly expensive fish treat. Maybe I'll have to build a plant only pond. Yeah! thats it another pond. LOL!!

Darn groundhog!!

Cape May Court House, NJ(Zone 7a)

I found the catalog for the mosaic plant. The web site is www.springdalewatergardens.com Potted is 1 gal for 14.95 and bareroot is 7.95. There are a couple of new plants in this cataloge that I have not seen before........ Sue

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

Water canna
I have been looking for the pink and the yellow Longwood water canna. I have Striped Beauty water canna to swap if anyone has and is interested.

Hobart, IN(Zone 5a)

I am going to try daylilies and bee balm this year. They are both supposed to do well in marshy conditions, but have to be overwintered in the ground.

Last year I tried impatients and chameleon and both did well for me. BTW, I am overwintering the chameleon in the ground.

Crofton, MD(Zone 7a)

Abutilon, I have a few pink longwood canna 'Erebus' ' seeds. I can send you 3 or 4 for a small piece of your Striped Beauty. let me know if interested.


Crestview, FL(Zone 7b)

Removed by member request

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

Terry, I haven't been back here in awhile. I didn't see your offer. Thank you for it though. Would have taken it if I had seen. Since ..I have been able to trade for all 4 Longwood water canna. I am looking forward to seeing how they grow this summer.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Be careful what land plants you put in your pond if you have fish; a lady who runs a nice aquascaping business her locally told me some plants secrete chemicals that are highly toxic to fish. One example of this is obedient plants.

I am trying to see what all we can use on the shelves of our pre-formed pond -- but after hearing her warning, I'm kinda gun shy. Think I'll do my homework before I experiment any more!

Oakland, CA(Zone 9b)

I had dwarf periwinkle (Vinca minor) in a pot that fell and the bottom split off. I stuck the broken pot with plant, in my pond, so that I could replant it in a day or two. That was two years ago. It still flowers but hasn't grown much. However, it was root bound before the crash.

I don't have fish in the pond and deer and racoon don't like Vinca. The plant gets over 50 percent daylight -- not including night time hours. Everybody's happy.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I think I'm going to try - swamp milkweed (asclepias inarnata) and the wild orange daylilies this year in the pond. I also have some cardinal flowers to put in it.

Rogers, AR(Zone 6a)

I have a Korean water grass in a pot,and it was doing beautifully til' this year. I also had a cardinal lobelia. It was fantastic! My favorite ia a thalia though. My pond gets mostly filtered sun, alot of shade, so finding plants for the water and the shade is a hard thing to do, but getting easier.

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