Ugly fungi growth

Onalaska, WI

I have this really gross looking fungi that grows around exposed roots of a tree that is in my yard. I'm not really sure what kind of a tree it is either. Does anyone out there have any idea how I can stop this creepy, ugly fungi growth from returning? These fungi growths are really creeping me out. me!!!!

I just found the name of the ugly fungi as I searched the web. I didn't know it was going to be so easy. The ugly fungi is "ASH BOLETE". I guess it's suppose to be edible, yuk. :-( It would still be nice to find out if I can eliminate the growth of this fungus all together.

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Indian Harbour Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Do you have ash trees ? I found this bit of information by googling: " Boletinellus (Gyrodon) merulioides actually feeds on the excrement (honeydew) of aphids which “suck” on ash roots, forming sclerotia which under proper conditions then develop into the familiar boletes always found under or near ash. So the ash are not mycorrhizal, but still provide the food for the bolete, via the digestive tract of the aphid! Hence you only [find] the Ash Bolete near ash trees! "

Why did you think it was edible ? For the aphids maybe !!

Onalaska, WI

If you google ash bolete and go down to the fourth link "Plants and Fungi" and scroll down that page there is a photo of the ash bolete and it says it's edible. Go and look for yourself. Then next link after that is "Pictures of edible Ash Bolete mushrooms". Considering what they look like I really couldn't make something like that up. Thanks for your response, orchid.

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