Peace Lily

Montreal, Canada

I have two pots of peace lily, one almost died last winter and start getting better this summer. the other is a bit better but with light green leaves and some yellow tips.
the common problem of the these two peace lily is that for a year and half they didn't bloom at all. (they use to bloom a lot)
I usually water them while the leaves start drooping a bit.
Is there any suggestions? Or I should wait one more year to get the plant fully recovered.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I'd increase the light level, also, how often do you feed it?

Montreal, Canada

I water it when I see the leaves droop a bit ( about 4-5days) and use 10-1510 all purpose fertilizer once every two weeks. I use to put them on the balcony but I guess there is too much direct sunshine and some leaves start getting to a kind light color like bleached, so I took them back in the room ( the roo is quite bright) .

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If the balcony would be a better location for them, the trick is to adjust them to it gradually--put them out there for a little while, then each day slightly increase the amount of time they're out there until they're there full time. That way you'll avoid the sunburn on the leaves (unless there really is too much sun out there). On the fertilizer, are you using it full strength? That might be too much if you're putting it on full strength every 2 wks.

Montreal, Canada

thank you ecrane3.
I use 10-15-10 all purpose fertilizer, every time about 2-3 tea spoons mixed with a liter of water.
I will reduce a bit and move toward the light slowly.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Is 2-3 teaspoons per liter the strength that they recommend on the package, and how frequently do they recommend applying that amount? They'll usually tell you on the package how much to use and how often, if you want to use it more frequently than what it says on the package then you need to reduce the amount (and never use more fertilizer at one time than what they recommend). Without seeing what the directions are on your pkg I can't tell if what you're using is too much or not, it might be totally fine so don't just reduce what you were doing without looking at the directions and seeing if you were actually using it too frequently.

Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

Peace lilies bloom better when they are root bound. Not sure if you have moved them to larger pots. If yes, you will have wait for a while :-). They will grow very big and then start to produce huge flowers. Good luck.

Milwaukee, WI

Hi all! I'm new to this website. I received my first peace lilly as a gift when my father passed last December and it is a very sentimental plant to me. How long can this plant live if I take good care of it? Of course I want it to live as Iong as I do because it is a living plant associated to my dear Papa.

Before reading some of the literature I repotted it yesterday because I thought I should and because I wanted it in a beautiful pot instead of the plastic one I received it in. It does have a hole for drainage and today it is looking good so I don't think I did any damage.

Please let me know how long a peace lilly plant should live. If I want to propagate it should I have a professional do so? I'd like my sister to have a part of this plant.

Also, does anyone have an opinion about using an Aqua globe on this type of plant if I am going on vacation?

Please let me know what you think!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Suzanne, welcome to the site, I am sorry to hear about your loss, your peace lily can last for ever with the right conditions, but that is in it's wild habitat, we mortals can only try to imitate these conditions, dont use any globe on your plant as this will rot it and prevent air being able to circulate the foliage, this is required for most plants to breath and stops stagnant air starting to grow mildew or mould, depending on how long you are going away for, say 2 weeks, now in the summer, If the plant is indoors, would remove it away from direct sunlight, they dont like this, place it in a cooler area of the house and allow it to get a little light from a window, give the plant a good misting and watering the night before you leave, pour of any excess water left in the saucer so the plant aint sitting with its roots in water for longer than an hour, ad some liquide plant food to the water but only the doze it states on the bottle, when you return, make sure the plant gets a good watering and move it to better light again, but still not direct sunlight. if you need to pot the plant into a larger pot, dont make the pot too big as the flower when the plant has filled the pot with top growth. always have a mister/light spray sitting close to the plant so the water is the same temp as the room the plant is in, mist 2/3 time week in summer, water and mist less in winter, winter watering would just be enough to keep the plant alive, the rest from growth in winter. IF your plant is outdoors for summer, before you go on holiday, give a good watering, feed as for indoors and move the plant to a slightly shadier area till you return, longer holidays, pass the plant onto someone else to care for it tile you return. good luck. WeeNel.

kildare, Ireland

Hi im completely new to this and to the plant world, i recently got a peace lilly which was not in a good condion. It was given to me in a large plastic bag and i was told to get a big enough pot for it as it is quite large, i was in the middle of moving house so it was left in my mothers sitting room for a couple of weeks in the mean time it was watered once a week and one lily had bloomed. I bought a a steel pot for it from Atlantic home care is this the wrong kind of pot? I read in WeeNel msg about not letting the plants roots sit in water should of bought a pot in which the water can drain off the plant after it has been watered? Also would this be ok to put into my bathroom i have a small window in it so it would get some light but not too much. I currently have it in my kitchen in front of the patio door which gets a good bit of light all day it seem to be ok here and the leafs are a good colour.

(Zone 1)

Hello Rose, Welcome!

Here is the link to Plant Files for Peace Lily:[genus]=Spathiphyllum

There are a few listed but I'm sure they all require the same type of care and conditions for good growth. I have grown Peace Lily's over the years and find they like bright light but no direct sunlight which will burn the foliage. I also on occasion use a bloom booster fertilizer (high middle number) to encourage blooms. The one I use is an orchid fertilizer 11-35-15.

I have one of the variegated foliage Peace Lily's and it was really beautiful for many years but about a year ago began to look pretty pitiful with the foliage dying. I realized it was getting too much sunlight because it was in an area on the front porch that had been shaded by large trees that came down in the hurricanes of 2004. I moved the container to a shady corner of the back yard and chopped it back down to the soil line. It got watered twice a week when the irrigation system was on, or when it rained. I didn't know if it would survive but I noticed last week that it has re-sprouted quite a bit. It was in an area covered over by other plants so there doesn't seem to be as much variegation in the leaves. I have moved it onto the deck and will probably repot it into fresh soil and place it in brighter light, no direct sun but just a bright shady location to see if the heavy variegation will return to the foliage.

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Champaign, IL(Zone 5b)

Variegated peace lily!! Wow. I love variegated plants, didn't know there was a variegated peace lily!

Well, just thought I'd reiterated what others have said. From what I've read, peace lilies like to be root bound. This is true. I got one and put it in a pot 2-3 sizes bigger before I realized that wasn't a good idea. Once I read that it needed to be rootbound, I potted "down" to a more appropriate size and it has done well. Before there was hardly any new growth at all. Now it gets new leaves all the time. It still hasn't bloomed yet, but my house unfortunately doesn't have much sun. However, peace lilies can tolerate pretty low light conditions, they just won't bloom. Oh, and from what I've read, they like to be fertilized at 1/2 strength every 2-3 weeks from spring through fall, and then about once a month in winter, assuming it gets adequate light. If not, it won't be growing much since short winter days generally make plants go into a dormant state. I made the mistake of fertilizing at full strength with that regimen, and it started to get brown tips that eventually turned to dead leaves. Once I fixed that it perked up quite a bit. And as far as propagation, I believe you're supposed to divide the plant once it gets large enough. I can already start to see on mine where new growth could be separted from the main plant eventually.

Hope that helps a little.

(Louise) Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

My peace lily is pretty big. I keep it at my shop now because it outgrew my sunroom. It seems to like to stay evenly moist and I give it dynamite fertilizer.

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Speedway, IN

Hi my name is Carrie and I have a peace lily also and I can't tell if I'm over watering it or under watering it. I'm really trying to hold on to it because this is all I have left from my mother's funeral. I spray the plant maybe twice a day and I water it once a week. I replanted it maybe two weeks after her funeral because the leaves started turning so I figured it needed a larger pot, I recently purchased a aqua globe and I put water and plant food in it to see if I could get the leaves to perk back up, before I purchased the aqua globe I did notice new leaves and a flower coming in, and it gets plenty of indirect sunlight. When I get up in the morning I open the blinds and I spray the leaves and I basically do the same routine at night before I go to bed except I close the blinds, lol. I've been working really hard to keep the plant alive and I hope you can give me some advice to keep it that way, and I'm also a first time plant owner. I thank you in advance for any information you throw at me.

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